Model: Ida Nyberg
Photographer: Sara Lehtomaa
Assistant: Ellen Seppälä

Spent last Tuesday in the studio with Ida and Ellen and shot some portraits. I had been dying to test shooting through a wet glass panel like this for quite some time now, so I was pretty excited to discover that the results look this good. I've always enjoyed shooting through surfaces as the distortions give a nice touch of otherworldliness to the photos. That's always the goal for me personally. I want my photos to be from another world, so to speak. And if not that then at least visually impressive. At any rate, I do my best and hope that you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy creating them! Btw, mega props to Ellen who basically risked her life during this photoshoot (we were using a mirror with sharp edges and Ellen cut herself by accident)! But you know what they say about great art arising from pain and suffering!



Hi guys, hope you've had a relaxing weekend! Just thought I'd share a few shots from my last visit to Helsinki. Homemade pizza, watching movies, listening to music and just hanging out. Lately I've started to highly appreciate just taking it easy. Movie watching in particular has become one of my favorite pastimes and if I had to make an estimation of the amount of movies I've watched during the past couple of months it would probably be at least 20. Cooking is another thing I've enjoyed a lot. I mean obviously I love food, but the process of creating something from scratch is something I take pleasure in. And because I like cleaning as well I will make an excellent house wife according to my boyfriend. He's one lucky bastard. Anyway, speaking of movies, I would be super happy if you left some movie suggestions in the comment box below! Thanks if you do and peace out.



Sweater - Zara,  Jeans - H&M,  Jacket - Zara,  Bag - Forever21,  Boots - Dr. Martens



Hi guys! Does anybody know what the meaning of life is? Well, I was just watching a random video of some youtuber explaining his view on exactly that and instead ended up reading the comments, and eventually came across this beautiful utterance, which I just have to quote simply because it made me feel good:

Here's my thought, and remember it's just a thought. I view all of us as a part of the universe and nature that continues to evolve and expand itself. Through seemingly "meaningless" experiences and through trial and error learning devices, the universe grows and expands not only as us, but through us. If you think of an indescribably small and single point called the universe (or singularity) that sits in eternity forever, it eventually gets bored and expands outwards which we are the result of. So, as you live your life, "it" is learning from you and through you because it IS you and you are it. As Bill Hicks eloquently said, "we are the universe experiencing itself subjectively". The consciousness looking out of every eye is actually the same brought up from different environments, cultures, and histories. It expands itself into every conceivable vantage point, whether good, bad, ugly, beautiful, you name it, in order for learning and experiencing. In short, I believe there is no wrong answer simply because the universe and you alike do everything. What I mean by this is, if you want to be an astronaut, or a doctor, or simply just work a 9-5 factory job and sit on the porch until the sun goes down, that is your meaning of life. And the universe wouldn't judge just like I wouldn't judge because "I" and "it" are "you" lol. If anything, the universe already loves you because it's already learned from you. We're all learning from each other and expanding outwards into the abyss of the unknown and hopefully having a good time along the ride. I hope this gives you at least an interesting thought if you don't agree, peace my friends.

I agree 100% and I think the person who left the comment put it just perfectly. Imo this is also a very calming thought, and so, whenever I get stressed about something as a result of taking life too seriously I try to remind myself of it. Sometimes people just get so absorbed into living life in a certain manner, in a sense enslaving themselves, that they forget why in the first place they are doing whatever they are doing. Life has no meaning, and at the same time 7.3 billion meanings. I guess you could think of reality as plasticine - the possibilities are infinite. While it is near to impossible not to lock ourselves into a certain pattern of thinking and committing to one supposedly definitive truth, I think the important thing is to realize this multifaceted and subjective nature of life and be empathic. And therefore, asking somebody else about the meaning of life is kind of pointless.