Photographer: Sara Lehtomaa
Model: Kirsi / Brand
Makeup: Meliina Savela

Hey you! I thought I'd just briefly say a couple of words first about these photos and then about what's been going on in my life lately. So, this wasn't actually a planned shoot but a very spontaneous one that we ended up doing right after another photoshoot. We had first been shooting Alissa Narayana's fashion collection "On the Edge," and due to that going so ridiculously smoothly and us finishing early Meliina had this idea to try out some makeup looks for her portfolio. I'm glad she did because I don't have too many beauty shots in my portfolio at the moment. So big thanks to Meliina for that! And many thanks to Kirsi as well, she's probably the main reason the photoshoot went so well. It's always an honor to work with people who know their shit and are as excited about the project as I am.

       And as to what I've been doing lately, I'm almost done with school for the summer, which is a comforting thought. I only have one essay left to write. And today I started working at this little photography shop / studio. I'm super excited, there's no doubt about that, but at the same time I envy my friends who won't be working this summer. Especially now that the weather has been so darn good. It's ridiculous. I hope it'll start raining soon. That'd be awesome. Furthermore, I need to start working on my mental calculation skills. I suck really bad at it. And I think I'm gonna go to bed now, before I pass out in front of this computer because I'm exhausted.

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