Hey guys! The title of course refers to the hype for summer. Yes, it is indeed almost here in the cold lands of Finland, finally after an eternity of suffering (too dramatic?). We've luckily been generously blessed with sunshine for the last couple of weeks and I've been getting on a good routine of jogging. After my jog I usually climb up to the hill in the center of the park and just lie down, soak in the sunshine and listen to some music (lately just mainly to M83's new album called Junk - it's fucking awesome). It allows me to let go of everything else and to just be. I'm the type of person who always has something on their mind, and the above mentioned state of mind isn't the easiest thing for me to achieve, so it's good to occasionally have these moments. I feel like my near obsession to constantly achieve and experience things is not very healthy, and it's also one of the main reasons why I haven't taken up meditating, which I know would probably do a great deal of good for me and my nerves. However, I just always end up saying to myself that I'd rather spend my time relaxing in another way, for instance by watching movies. I guess I have a slight fear of "wasting my time" and meditation is a potential threat (which sounds so funny when you say it out loud). Has anybody else had these types of feelings? Or has anyone by any chance tried meditation? I'm having conflicting thoughts and it bothers me. I guess I should just try it and find out for myself.

      The photos above are just a couple of older ones from last winter when I was visiting the Botanical Garden in Turku in order to momentarily let go of the dreaded season of the year. I currently have a ton of ideas photography wise that I want to execute, but I seem to be lacking in terms of time. Until May my calendar is absolutely packed with a variety of activities, all the way from essay writing to photographing - the dull and the fun. I'm also looking forward to my trip to Munich at the end of this month. My last time abroad was almost precisely one year ago when I left for Edinburgh so this should be refreshing! Not to mention that I'll be experiencing it together with two of my dear old classmates, Pilvi and Bharathi. Pilvi has been living there for some time now so I should also be getting a proper insider's look into the life of Munich. Yay. I'll do my best to keep you updated with a post or two before the trip but I won't guarantee anything. See you! And sorry for the slightly boring pictures.

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