Model: Kaisa Löyskä
Photographer: Sara Lehtomaa

These photos are actually way back from last fall when Kaisa was visiting me here in Turku. We decided to head to Turku Cathedral because I wanted to shoot these two dresses (both thrift store finds), and it was far too cold for us to do that outside. As it turns out, they ended up fitting the church setting perfectly. My personal favorite is the first photo because of the flattering light and the position of Kaisa's hands and head. I like the fact that there's such a varying set of lighting in this series, though. It's quite literally different in each photo. That's always good.

       How are you guys doing? I myself have been living quite a stress-free January, much more so than usually. It's probably all thanks to the break, so I guess I should be back to normal shortly haha. I've been spending a lot of time with friends - cooking, watching movies and other niceness. I've especially enjoyed the cooking part and I'm actually quite proud of us in regards to what we've managed to produce. Should probably start calling us 'chef squad' or something along those lines (totally deserved, I assure you). I've also been spending time alone inside four walls, hiding away from the coldness, watching this TV series called Black Sails (it's a pirate thing). Warmly recommend it to pretty much anyone. Btw, I'd be super happy if you guys could recommend me some new series to watch (I am a very greedy consumer of them and have the habit of watching at least half a season in one day). Thanks in advance!


  1. Last two pictures - perfect!

  2. My goodness! These pictures are stunning. I'm really loving your work! :)


    1. Thank you Sara! Hearing you say that means a lot to me :)