Jacket - CnDirect*, Scarf - Vintage, Shoes - DinSko  

Photos: Svante



Playsuit - StyleMoi*, Knit - Vintage, Fake Septum - RiverIsland



Model: Kaisa
Photography: Sara Lehtomaa

It's weird how you just sometimes instantly click some with people. I met Kaisa (the lovely lady in the photos above) for the first time this summer. We had decided to get together for a hang and a photoshoot, and were blessed with a sunny and warm August day. We had been talking to each other a lil bit through social media before meeting in person, so the idea of getting to know each other better had been there for a while. But I was genuinely taken by surprise by the fact that being with Kaisa felt so effortless and natural. In some weird way, it honestly felt like I had always known her. I guess that's what "being on the same wave length as someone" means. My friend circle consists of very diverse personalities, which is by no means a bad thing since you get to see so many different perspectives (which in itself is great because it is thought provoking), but it felt really really good to, for a change, be with someone who can relate to you, fully and completely. It just made it awfully easy and pleasant to get to know each other.

        After that meeting we decided to see each other again sometime during this autumn. And so we did. A few weeks ago Kaisa visited us here in Turku, and stayed for the weekend. Initially the plan was for Noora (our mutual friend) to come as well, but she sadly and inconveniently got ill and had to stay at home. So instead of spending the weekend partying (which by the way is very unlike me) we took it fairly easy, watching movies, cooking delicious things, listening to music, visiting some flea markets and heading out shooting a couple of times. It was one of the nicest weekends I've had in a long time. Eventful but very relaxed and peaceful. And I finally learned how to make sushi, which was pretty awesome, although I have to admit it wasn't quite as good as the stuff you get in restaurants, which isn't really a surprise in itself. I'm just overly ambitious about everything I do...

        Anyway, with all that said, I just have to say that I really think that the Internet is a great thing in bringing people together like this. I don't buy the argument that it's supposedly a "distancing" and "disconnecting" thing. I think it's a tool that makes it easier to connect with people. I mean, it can't be denied that thanks to it we are allowed to reach people across the globe, who we could not possibly reach without it. It opens up new possibilities. I get frustrated when people talk about technology (and social media in particular) as if it was some kind of evil force. It's just a ridiculous argument. I mean, in the end, it's a tool, just like any tool, which can enhance our lives, and be misused. It's not in itself an "evil threat" for the human race. It's the misuse, and hence people themselves, that are the problem. Relating to this topic, I advice you to watch this ridiculous commercial that I recently stumbled upon (link). It's hilarious. I also ended up watching this reaction video to the commercial, which made me laugh even harder. Enjoy.



Photography: Sara Lehtomaa
Model: Elina @ FashionTeam
MUAH: Timo Vuorimies



Dress - StyleMoi*, Earrings - Primark, Fake Septum - River Island

Some of you have probably by now already stumbled across a photo of my dear new tattoo if you follow me on Instagram (since I have very eagerly been sharing pictures of it). But here it is, in slightly higher definition, in all of its glory. I designed it myself and Lätkä at Golden Eye Tattoo did a damn good job making it come alive, so to speak. I was originally thinking of a more realistic approach but I'm glad that it turned out a bit more "cartoonish". And the colors are gorgeous! I couldn't be happier. And no I did not get myself a septum, it's fake. I like the way they look but I'm way too practical a person to actually get one. I can imagine it being a pain in the ass when you have the flu. By the way, isn't this dress completely goddesslike?!