Photography: Sara Lehtomaa
Model: Emilia @ FashionTeam
Makeup: Petra Satokangas
Wardrobe: Boutique Minne

I haven't enjoyed myself as much as I did on this day in a very long time. Gorgeous Emilia doing her thing flawlessly, stunning clothing from Boutique Minne (who is really too kind for collaborating), beautiful makeup by Petra, and perfect weather offering the perfect lighting conditions for a photoshoot. What more can one ask for? A thousandfold thanks to all of you lovely people involved! Especially Boutique Minne for borrowing such beautiful clothes and accessories. If you happen to live in Turku you can find their shop at Kaskenkatu 2. For more info check out their website at http://www.boutiqueminne.com/. And what made this day even more enjoyable was the fact that I went out dining with my family and boyfriend in one of my favorite restaurants straight afterwards. It's really too bad perfect days like this are rather rare.



Knit - StyleMoi*, Jeans - BikBok, Hat - H&M, Earrings - Vintage, Shoes - Vintage



Photography: Sara Lehtomaa
Model: Susa
Assistant: Omid Rasool

I always love it when people are open for things. For instance posing naked in front of my camera. That is particularly nice, especially since it's extremely hard to find people who would voluntarily be ready to do such a thing. I've always wanted to, but this is my first time shooting actual nudes. Therefore, huge thanks to Susa who decided to help me with this little project. And to my father for helping me by carrying around this ridiculously heavy glass wall (through which is shot some of these). I can't even describe how thankful I am! I think the human body is simply beautiful, and that's why I wanted to photograph it. I don't know why exactly, it's not really something one could describe. But I guess it's largely a biological thing as well, as it would be slightly inconvenient to mate with a creature whose appearance you disgust. I felt that the most suitable place to shoot photos like this would be in a forest. Completely unmodified (with the exception of a nipple piercing), unapologetic, exposed, in all honesty. Raw. But extremely beautiful.



Model: Hanna @ FashionTeam
Photography: Sara Lehtomaa



Dress - Choies*, Leather Jacket - Zara, Bag - Zara, Hat - H&M, Shoes - DinSko