Photos: Sara Lehtomaa



Shirt - Zara, Jeans - Second Hand, Jacket - Zara, Shoes - DinSko, Earrings - Vintage

I feel like the sunlight is starting to wake me up from what for the most part seems like a long period of drowsiness and gloominess. That is my excuse for not blogging properly. That and school work. But here's a quick and hopefully enjoyable start for what should be an interesting continuation to my blog. Lots of cool (photography) projects to come, that much I can promise you. I will also be shooting more outfits now that the sun is out and it's starting to get warmer. I really want to thank you for being such patient readers! I'm glad that most of you still feel like following this blog and I'll try my best to provide more (and hopefully more interesting) content in the future! That's all for now, 'cause I gotta run!



When I was younger I used to have this recurring dream. Or rather a nightmare, since it usually ended up with me waking up sweaty, shaking, confused, as I hadn't yet figured out that the images in my head weren't real. What I had seen was myself in the midst of what seemed to me like the apocalypse. I was surrounded by colossal dark mountains, a stormy enraged sky and in the middle of that sky appeared an eye many times larger than myself, making me feel tiny and vulnerable. People around me weren't individuals but rather a stream of consciousness and emotions bolting back and forth. I sensed they were panicking, moving in different directions causing chaos, all aiming to get away - to escape. But I was standing still, staring at the terrifying apparition in the sky. I didn't know where I was or why, or who the people around me where. It was as if I had suddenly been cast in the middle of a movie, of which I didn't know the plot. But I could tell it was in the middle of its climax, and that whatever was happening wasn't going to be good. That's all I remember. Sometimes my family was there with me, being dragged away from me by the storm wind. But more often I was alone.

       Although many years have passed since I last had this dream I can remember it very vividly. I was 5 - 10 years old then and the reason why I remember it so well is simply because it was so terrifying. I find the repetitiveness of it the most interesting thing, though. Everyone has nightmares every once in a while, some people more than others. But the fact that one would dream almost exactly the same dream several times I find peculiar - makes you want to think that it has a meaning. But I'm guessing it merely has to do with memory. I remember reading somewhere that recurring dreams might mean that there's something in your life that you haven't acknowledged and that is causing stress. And the repetitiveness is due to the fact that you haven't corrected the problem. I also know that people who have gone through some sort of traumatic experience often have recurring dreams as a way of dealing with those experiences. I haven't had anything as terrible that it would cause a trauma happen to me during my childhood, at least that I know of. So I'm left wondering why. Not that it matters, but I'm awfully curious to know. Dreams are wonderfully absurd.