Hi there! I've been planning to make this video for quite some time and finally got around doing it today, as I had nothing else to do. It's made out of clips that I've gathered during the last couple of years. As the title quite clearly suggests I wanted the video to say something about human existence. The importance of human relationships, but also the necessity of spending some time alone every once in a while. The balance of these things. The joy and the pain of our existence. The spectrum of experiences, thoughts and emotions that we encounter during our short lives. Sometimes it's confusing the shit out of us. Sometimes we don't think too much about it and just go with the flow. The idea that biology can produce such a complex thing as human consciousness is puzzling to say the least. Hope you guys enjoy the video, and please do watch it in HD!



Jacket - BoylyMia*,  Blouse - Gina Tricot,  Pants - H&M,  Hat - H&M



These photos were taken a couple of years ago in Antalya. Last night I was browsing old files and stumbled across them and thought "why have these never seen the light of day?". Well, I decided to correct the situation and share them with you. The blueness is just mesmerizing. Finland is, most of the time, so gray that merely looking at these photos is refreshing. Especially in this season of the year. I'm glad that it hasn't been that cold this winter here in Turku, but the complete lack of snow is actually kind of depressing, I now realize. Anyhows, I hope these photos brighten your day (or night). I've been taking a couple of days off from school work, but now I need to come out from hiding and exit the world of memories, as exciting and comforting as it is, and get back to frantic essay writing. Wish me luck. I will need it, because my mind is growing weaker with every day that passes. I'm slowly getting into my holiday mood and it certainly aint helping in terms of productivity. If you don't have anything better to do, by all means, leave me a comment below and tell me about your current mood! Peace out!



Shirt - H&M, Pants - H&M, Jacket - BikBok, Shoes - DinSko

Photos: Sara Nguyen



Sweater - H&M, Jacket - Zara, Jeans - BikBok, Boots - Dr.Martens, Purse - Vintage 

 Photos: Jade Than



Model: Radek Morávek
Photographer: Sara Lehtomaa
Assistant: Ellen Seppälä

I thought I should break free from my habits and ask someone of the opposite sex to model for me, and as it turned out this guy was the perfect choice. I met Radek at a sitz (for those of you who don't know a "sitz", as we call it, is a dinner with lots of drinking, singing and games, held at a student union's property - it's a Finnish and Swedish tradition at universities) as he was sitting opposite to me. We had a chat and I found out, among other things, that he was from the Czech Republic. I can't say I know a lot about his home country (even its location within Europe was a mystery to me, I ashamedly have to admit), but I did google it later on. Anyhow, based on his Facebook profile picture (in which he is shirtless) I thought he wouldn't mind standing in front of the camera, and that he might even comply if I asked. So I asked. And he was in. My friend Ellen also tagged along with us to Kakola (our shooting location), to help me out and, of course, bless us with her wonderful company (I'm by no means being sarcastic, she's awesome). Radek was really a champ for doing so well in the Finnish autumn (which is pretty damn cold). Even I was freezing in my winter jacket. So big thanks for that hardiness, as well as for acting very naturally in front of the camera. I'm seriously impressed that I didn't really have to direct him that much, and I'm very happy with the outcome.