Photos: Sara Lehtomaa

Which one would you rather eat? With this pair of photos I want to point out how big of an impact presentation and context has on our perception and interpretation of things. It is a good thing to acknowledge and keep in mind in everyday life in order to understand your own (as well as others') behavior, and will probably help in making better decisions in general. What I am showing in the photo is, of course, a very concrete example - the same donut (although you might notice that they are not completely identical because I had to shoot these on two different days) in a different setting, producing a completely different set of meanings.

        By the way, shooting these cockroaches was a nightmare. And only now did I realize that I actually have a bit of a phobia, it seriously took me 30 minutes to get those guys back in their box after finishing shooting (I am ashamed to admit). I was simply afraid of touching them, which is obviously ridiculous. I've never experienced this kind of "irrational fear" before (at least that I could remember), and it was kinda fascinating having these two voices in my head giving conflicting messages. But it certainly didn't help that my darling boyfriend was standing next to me shouting "retard". Thanks a lot.


  1. Oj vilken fin ide på projektet! Var hittade du kackerlackorna haha? :D

    1. Tack tack! Faktiskt så köpte ja dom från Faunatar, 0,80e styck (har "tyvärr" inga kackerlackor här i min bostad) :D