Some shots that I took on my last trip to Stockholm this summer. All of these were taken at my grandmother's flat. There's a certain charm to it, even though it doesn't quite meet with what I view as the ideal interior. I like the weirdness of it, though. And the fact that it's mostly furnished and decorated with stuff found from a trash container (not even kidding). To be honest she's not doing that well at the moment, which is understandable - the old age is weighing down on her - and I wanted to document as much as possible, although I know she isn't that keen on me doing that. Although we have completely different world views and disagree on quite a lot of things we do love eachother and the thought of her not being there just feels strange. Fatima is one of the most hardworking people that I've ever known and for that I respect her. I'd really like to believe that from every person that you meet you learn something new, that there's a good quality in each and everyone of us (if you're patient enough to find out, that is). At least I'm personally very inclined to dig out those qualities in the people I know.