Photographer: Sara Lehtomaa
Models: Susa & Aiste 

This photo shoot was sponsored by cling wrap. Lots of it. However much less than I had calculated...I ended up using only little over one roll and was left with six unopened packages...I'm really unfortunately bad at estimating stuff. But, on the bright side, now we have cling wrap for at least two years! As the title suggests the theme here is love. Or more specifically, the aim of these photos is to try to describe what being in love feels like. Wanting to be with someone all of the time, and almost starting to live through that person, in a kind of symbiosis. You start clinging to each other up to the point when you, in a sense, almost become one. It feels wrong to be away from that person, and once you are reunited there's a sense of relief and comfort, as you have returned to the spot that is meant just for you. And I'm not referring exclusively to a romantic kind of love but any kind of relationship which involves a deep sense of caring for each other. I really want to thank Susa and Aiste for doing this; being in love may be peachy but being wrapped up in cling wrap for a whole hour, not so much.