Sunnies - ZeroUv*, Earrings - Nastygal, Crop Top - Nasty Gal, Pants - H&M, Leather Jacket - Zara, Boots - DinSko

I met up with Jade a couple of days ago. First we went to this parking garage to shoot my outfit and then we headed back to the city center to have a cup of hot chocolate. I seriously don't know what is up with me and parking lots. Whenever you enter one that's within a radius of 100 kilometers of Turku there's a good chance you'll spot me there dwelling with my camera. For one thing they tend to be good places to shoot in terms of lighting. And I really like the gloomy atmosphere they give off. Atm I really feel like exploring new places, not only because I need new and interesting environments to shoot in, but because I enjoy the process of going to unfamiliar places in itself. Turku is not that big though, and I should probably expand my area of operation. In other news, I'm very eagerly (and impatiently) waiting for one of my photo series to be published in Elegant Magazine, which should be happening sometime during this month. It's one of my favorite series so far and I'm very proud of it. I was given the pleasure to work with a bunch of awesome and talented people, including Mirjam Lehtonen who designed three head pieces for this photoshoot, so there's really no wonder it turned out so well. Just feeling very grateful right now.