Flashback to last summer. Me, Emilia and Vilma are having a picnic next to Aura River, which instead of its usual brownish hue is closer to silver, sparkling brightly as if it would be eagerly celebrating the sunshine together with us. My own celebration has taken the form of good company and strawberries and cherries and blueberries. It's wonderful. Just lying there. At that moment I was able to let go of everything else and just take in the now and enjoy the hell out of it! My skin absorbing the warmth radiating from above, the sweetness of a strawberry melting in my mouth and letting a satisfying series of laughters tumble up from my gut as we were enjoying each others company. I love myself a good laughter. One that leaves your stomach hurting. One that leaves you struggling for breath. That's what I often end up with when I'm spending time with people who get me. I embrace the laughter and really just surrender myself to it. Sometimes I laugh so hard and loud that I afterwards get embarrassed, hoping that I haven't disturbed anyone. This song reminds me of the kind of good feeling that builds up to a laughter. It made me laugh inside :)



  1. Oh summer.... There is no snow where I live and everything looks so miserable, so I wish sometimes it was summer again - full of sun, fresh fruits and picninc with friends, just like on your pictures :)

    1. I'm totally feeling you! Summer is wonderful :3