Photographer: Sara Lehtomaa
Models: Kärt & Elina @ FashionTeam
MUAH: Timo Vuorimies
Styling: Sara Lehtomaa

Some portraits I took for FashionTeam of two of their new models, Kärt and Elina. We headed down to Aboa Vetus, a museum here in Turku, and shot some pretty awesome stuff among the remains and ruins of medieval times (and in the midst of a herd of Russian tourists). I also had a wonderful time getting to know the girls. Meeting new people is always intriguing. Reading what kind of person they are from the way they present themselves, guessing whether it's a charade or what they are actually like. My boyfriend claims he can see from a persons eyes whether they're "real" or disguising their true self with something else. I wonder whether that's possible (in some cases perhaps but I doubt it would work all the time). I myself can't say I can do that just by looking at a person in the eye. If only. But I would say I'm pretty good at reading a person based on a fairly short conversation, the way they move, speak, their facial expressions, etc. But I guess that's just a matter of paying attention really. In the end, though, you can never be entirely sure of a stranger. It's kind of scary really. I'm the type of person who likes to believe the best of people, which I admit sometimes isn't too rational a thing to do (speaking from experience, it has indeed several times driven me into rather unpleasant situations). Why can't people just be trustworthy?


  1. Upeita kuvia, tuo ensimmäinen on todella pysäyttävä!

    1. Kiitos Vanessa! Kiva et tykkäät :) Eka on myös mun oma lemppari hehe