Sneakers - HoodBoyz / Adidas*,  Top - Zara,  Shorts - Zara



Photographer: Sara Lehtomaa
Model: Mirka / ModelPoint




Top - Zara,  Jeans - BikBok

I remember this day being awesome, even though it is somewhat distant now. And I honestly have no idea whatsoever why I haven't posted these before! Loving the blue vibe going on here, hehe. But I guess the oldness of these isn't that relevant. I'm in really high spirits at the moment. I just found out I made it to one of the schools that I had applied for in the spring. Hurray for that! I'm going to be studying the English language for the coming years and feel really relieved I won't have to work for a while (or hang around clueless about my future for that matter). I'm of course going to hold on to my dear hobby photography and keep on doing it as much as I can.

After six days in a row of hustling at work I'm now having three days off and man do I feel good. I'm just in an hour or so going to head out with Jade to shoot a little somethingsomething. And after that I will be spending a couple of days with my soul mate (and hopefully get a neck rub because I am stiff as a board and feel like my neck will explode any minute). My excitement for future plans (photography related mainly) is slowly turning into frustration because of my impatience. I want to share all of it with you guys NOW in stead of just babbling about it!!! Which I realize is ridiculous... Oh, and sorry for a discontinuous text (I just read the whole thing through and realized that as well).



Shoes - OASAP*,  Kimono - H&M,  Crop Top - NewYorker,  Pants - BikBok,  Belt - Vintage,  Backpack - Vintage

Rakastan todella näitä OASAP:in minulle lahjoittamia kenkiä, mutta valitettavasti ne ovat jaloilleni hieman liian kapeat. Myyn ne siis seuraavan kerran kun vien kirpparille tavaroitani (mikä tapahtuu toivon mukaan tässä kesän aikana mikäli ehdin). Joten pysykäähän kuulolla kaikki kapeajalkaiset (ja kenkäkoon 38 omaavat) ihmiset!



Photographer: Sara Lehtomaa
Model: Jade Than

Summer is a wonderful thing. So is this gal. Sorry for keeping quiet for so long. I've had a lot on my mind and work hasn't helped at all with its exhausting effect. Each day off feels like a blessing and I've been trying my best not to waste one moment. And by that I mean laying in the sun listening to podcasts and editing photos / planning photo shoots. I'm looking forward to so many things at the moment. Including coming photo shoots and getting to enjoy the Finnish summer now that it's finally here. I actually don't have too much to say so I guess I'll just keep it short! But as to what's coming up in the near future, I have a photo series that I shot with one of my favorite models Mirka, which I'm really excited about. However I can't share it with you until August since it will be featured in a magazine around that time. Also I have a lot of outfit posts to share with you guys. Oh dear, I really can't believe it's already July.