Some old photos and some sweet sweet music. I've always liked Above & Beyond but hearing these acoustic versions of their already amazing songs made me feel like crying (and I'm not even exaggerating, if I'm alone and listen to something touchingly beautiful there's a high chance I might burst into tears) ; __ ;




The sea is a very humbling experience in my opinion. A lot like space is with its mysteries and wonders. During my trip to Helsinki last week me, Noora and Silva spontaneously decided to go to Sea Life and even just seeing these creatures in these pathetic relatively small aquariums was mesmerizing. Makes you think about what else may be living down there. It's actually pretty scary, not knowing what's going on in the deepest depths of the ocean. We are fundamentally quite disconnected from deep ocean life and don't spend as much time/money exploring it as we do space, because it's expensive and difficult (thanks to factors like high pressure and poor visibility). In an article published by the Center for American Progress the budget for NASA is told to be $3.8 billion, while the budget for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is only $23.7 million. Yeah... But I guess people are more interested in exploring space now that they've figured it's impossible to ever establishing human habitation more than about 1000 ft deep. What a bummer. I'd still like to know whats going on down there. And get this, scientist estimate that we still have not discovered 91% of the species that live in our oceans. That means, there could be anything lurking in the darkness, only the high pressure holding them down and away from us. Other than the appeal for something unknown I think the parts of the seafloor that we already have explored are incredibly beautiful. It's like another world. And we are pretty much shitting on them, pouring nuclear waste and god knows what into the water. Maybe after years of filling the waters with all those chemicals we'll start to encounter mutations that are so fucked up they can breathe and walk on land and maybe then the creatures of the sea can finally have their revenge on us. Just maybe. Below is a short video I shot at Sea Life. I was so struck by the beauty of the jellyfish (yes, I am serious) that I think it's my new favorite animal. There's something about the plainness and primitiveness of their appearance that appeals to me. And the way they pulse forward lazily is just beautiful to watch, like a dance. But one mustn't forget how deadly they can be!




Having some fun editing old photos. Being unemployed has its pros and cons. I like the fact that I can do basically whatever I want. Which in my case means improving myself or creating something new. Taking and editing photos are of course for me the obvious things to do. Though, I haven't got myself around doing the former one. I have been planning a couple of photoshoots, though, and already set some dates as well. For the first time I actually have a makeup artist in my team and I can't wait to meet her (and not having to do anything with shaky hands in the fear that I'll ruin the model's face)! Even as I don't have access to a real studio anymore, now I can finally shoot inside, at home, because I just got myself some studio gear (well, an umbrella and a softbox). So I will probably be testing those out a lot in coming photoshoots. Also I've been reading and watched some documentaries about Greek Mythology a lot lately, surprisingly for photography related purposes. I've decided to focus on Midas and the story of the Golden Touch. In addition to a photo shoot I may be making a video on the subject as well (haven't quite decided yet). Video is something I haven't done that much but enjoy quite a lot! Which brings me to the other things I've done during my still on-going period of freedom, which is watching movies. I have a looong list of movies I want to watch. And a boyfriend who fortunately wont make me watch them alone. Lastly, I've introduced a new habit into my life. Yoga. I never thought I would like it, but guess what, I did! And I'm loving the fact that I noticed the results only after a week of doing it in terms of flexibility and overall well-being. And by "a week" I mean this intensive 1 hour a day, 7 days a week treatment I gave myself simply because I got so excited. Excuse me for just promptly storming through my last week like this. But truth to be told I'm really tired and need to hit the sheets before my head drops to the keyboard. Good night! But first listen to this disgustingly beautiful song by M83 (btw I highly recommend you to check out the lyrics as well since they're not perfectly comprehensible).




This was one of those extremely rare days when you head out to shoot and as the sun is shining it randomly starts snowing. This was a couple of months ago, the very first snowfall of the winter we had here in Turku. A very beautiful scene indeed. It melt away soon after, though (and boy, did I not mind that at all). But now we have this white beautiful scenery again. And it's fucking cold. And I wish I could just stay inside till it melts away again and just admire its beauty from a distance.







So a couple of months ago I came across FUTURE EYES on the internet. And I just had to purchase them. Not only do they look nice on photo, once you put them on you'll be amazed. "Eyewear with multi-faceted lenses designed to enhance the mental capacity of anyone who chooses to wear them" is how they're described at future-eyes.com. Just a very fun thing to have. And perfect for my photoshoot. The glasses originally came without the shards of glass which I myself have glued on, just to make it a bit more showy. Trying out color filtered light was one of the things I absolutely wanted to do before leaving the studio. So I did. And quite successfully even if I say so myself. Some of you might remember an older post I wrote about my source of inspiration being Elizaveta Porodina's photos. Well, here you may see it more concretely. I definitely want to continue playing with colored light like this. I feel like it brings something extra to each photo, each color representing a different emotion. Mikko and Milla were kind enough to help me out in executing this one. Thank you guys!



I was browsing through old files and found these which is great since I had complete forgot about them. Indeed, last year in the early summer me and Svante were wandering through this church for whatever reason and along the way I shot these. I bet it's nice variation to once in a while have some more spontaneous stuff up here (if not, though, let me know!). Even as these are quite old I still wanted to share them since I really liked the vibe. This has absolutely nothing to do with New Year's resolutions but I gave my first shot at yoga today and fell in love. I also realized how unbelievably stiff I am considering my petite size. Thus I decided the only right thing to do is to take up yoga in the future in order to get more flexible. Plus I felt damn good afterwards (even as I wasn't even close to have completed all of the positions thanks to my stiffness). Btw am I the only one who thinks New Year's resolutions are pretty damn hilarious? As if you weren't able to change your ways any time of the year. People have a weird habit of limiting themselves. Yeah yeah, I'm sure many people get some sort of motivational boost merely from the idea of the start of a new year which symbolizes change...at least for a month. But the rest of the year making a life-improving change is out of reach to them. Just funny. I'm pretty excited but at the same time to some extent terrified about the coming year. After spending four months at the studio I'm gonna have to come up with something else to do. I feel kinda sad about the fact that it's actually over now. But the end of something great has to mean the start of something even greater. Right? I really hope so.

- - -

Selailin vanhoja tiedostoja ja löysin nämä kuvankappaleet jotka olin jo täysin unohtanut. Oltiin tosiaan viime vuonna alkukesästä Svanten kanssa Turun Tuomiokirkossa(?) ja siellä tuli napsittua tämmöisiä. Varmaan ihan kivaa vaihtelua välillä tällaiset hieman arkisemmat kuvat (mutta jos ei niin kertokaa toki!). Näissä oli jotenkin niin kiva fiilis että päätin jakaa vaikka tästä onkin jo aikaa. Täysin uudenvuodenlupauksiin liittymättä, kokeilin tänään ensimmäistä kertaa joogaa ja ihastuin. Tasjusin myös kuinka kankea olen näin pieneksi ihmiseksi. Siispä päätin juuri ruveta harrastamaan kyseistä aktiviteettia jatkossakin kehittääkseni itseäni tällä alueella. Tuli vaan kamalan hyvä fiilis tunnin lattialla kieriskelyn jälkeen (vaikken osannut läheskään tehdä kaikkia liikkeitä kunnolla  jäykkyyteni ansiosta). Oonko mä ainut jonka mielestä uudenvuodenlupaukset on melko koominen juttu? Ihan kuin muutosta kohti parempaa elämää ei pystyisi tekemään mihin tahansa aikaan vuodesta. Ihmisillä on kumma tapa rajoittaa itseään. Joo, varmasti jotkut kokee uuden vuoden ja muutoksen symboliikan hyvänä motivaation buustaajana...ainakin ensimmäisen kuukauden ajan. Muuten sitä ollaan niin kykenemättömiä. Huvittavaa. Hui, odotan innolla ja kauhulla tulevaa vuotta. Vajaan puolen vuoden studiolla oleskelun jälkeen täytyy keksiä jotain muuta hyödyllistä tekemistä. Pakko myöntää että on kyllä hieman haikea olo kun tää elämänvaihe on saapunut päätökseen. Mutta jonkin mahtavan päättyminen voi vain tarkoittaa jonkin vähintään yhtä mahtavan alkua. Eikö? Näin ainakin kovasti toivon...