Model: Jade
Photographer: Sara Lehtomaa

Spent yet another fun day with Jade styling some awesome outfits, shooting and just hanging. This was a couple of months ago, though. Time flies by. And today it's Christmas eve. I don't consider Christmas in any way a special day, it's just like any other day but with the addition of particularly delicious food and heaps of it. I was planning to read until my eyes hurt and listen to some sweet music. And of course spend some time with my beloved family, who for once wont bicker because it's Christmas. Why can't it always be Christmas? Why can't people always be this nice? I think they could. At least most of the time, it's understandable that everyone of us every now and then have a bad day, but I really hate it when some people around me always have to concentrate on the negatives. It's pointless and stupid. "I'm just being a realist." No, realist and pessimist are not synonyms. Fuck off. You're ruining your life and upsetting people around you. There, I said it. Stop whining and get yourself together.

      After writing this I realized that I myself actually might come across as a pessimist to you readers, with all the things that I hate that I have the habit of bringing up (mostly winter) in my writings. But I can assure you that even as I may hate those things and admit it, I don't live in a bubble of purely negative energy and I certainly don't release it on others around me (well, I do occasionally...). I realize that there is a yin and yang to life, there's both good and bad (or at least energy that we perceive as either positive or negative, I don't believe in pure evil and good). It's up to you to decide how to cope with anything really. I've managed through doing the things that I love to balance out the negative parts of life. Doing that and not taking life so damn seriously (which I'm still kind of working on) makes living so much more enjoyable, for everyone really. Anyhow, hope you have a pleasant holiday.


  1. Beautiful photos! Eszter


    1. Thanks dear, so glad you like them! :)

  2. Beautiful series of pictures Sara! Amazing looks!

    1. Huge thanks Jeanne! Appreciate it :)