Fringe Top - Fiorella*, Lace Shorts - H&M, Shoes - LWS

This lovely Finnish clothing store called Fiorella was kind enough to gift me this amazing fringe top along with some very cool knee socks (of which I will be sharing photos later on). I'm really happy to finally collaborate with a Finnish brand, and of course the fact that I'm in love with the actual clothes makes it even sweeter! Since this top is very luxurious I decided to pair it up with these lace shorts I recently found from H&M's sales for 7 euros (had actually kept my eyes on them for a while but just didn't feel like spending the money). Obviously this isn't something you would wear out in the Finnish winter, but in my opinion these two went so well together that I thought it wouldn't matter if I neglect that fact. Looking forward to getting to wear this combination when it gets a little bit warmer.

     Besides this beauty, Fiorella has a lot of print shirts, interesting (and occasionally funny) accessories and basic apparel. Perhaps a better description of their assortment would be the one found on their website: "...the fiercest mix of affordable, on-trend street-clothes in the Nordic countries. We've got a sweet collection of fashionable cuts, cool prints and poppin' colors. Our style has strong reference to modern pop-culture and we base our designs on giving people a fun way to express themselves through clothing." So go ahead, make your way to their website by clicking the picture below. And if you're Finnish do the right thing and support your homeland by purchasing something, saatana.