Some pretty shitty photos (quality wise) from a couple of weeks back when we had a pre-Halloween party at Kathy's place. A rather awesome night, flavored with Twister, limboing and above all good company. My unimaginative piece-of-shit-brain failed utterly and completely in coming up with a scary costume, which I guess is the point in dressing up (yeah, I haven't gotten all that into the random-halloween-whores movement). Felt kinda sad about my attire after I saw people who had really invested in their outfits. But then again, meh. How was your Halloween?

P.S. Once again, my deepest condolences, dear readers. I've been constantly occupied with a whole lot of supposedly important stuff, and that is the reason for my absence. BUT I have a ton of material to share with you guys (as soon as I've gotten past the editing part), and a lot of new projects coming up. So I hope we're cool!