The image used for the case found via Tumblr (here).

Once again I've partnered up with awesome (and now further improved) Caseapp ! They've really widened their selection from last time I visited their site, and the feature I liked the most was the fact that you now can have your case with a glossy surface (obviously I ordered mine that way). I received it about three weeks ago and it's still in great condition, not a single scratch, even as I've dropped it to the ground numerous times. If you've never heard of Caseapp, it's a web store where you can make a custom case for your iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook or Samsung Galaxy. And if you don't feel like designing it on your own they also have a bunch of really pretty ready-to-go designs. Check them out here if you're in need of a new case for your device. Or, I don't know, you might want to buy one as a Christmas present to someone!