One day I found myself at the botanic garden as winter was creeping its way. Many of you should know by now that I don't fancy that time of year very much, for I've brought up the subject in my blog many more times than I probably should have. Anyhow, it felt like a good idea to visit this artificially warm and tropical place in seek of comfort. Quite honestly though it's not that wondrous a place. There were many beautiful details, but all in all I wasn't that impressed. Not like I used to be back in the day when I went there as a child. Nevertheless, I did capture those few details on camera, as you can see above. But this was months ago, and now it's November and winter has come, and I'm not too happy about it. It was just a couple of days ago that everything was covered in white. It has melted away by now, though, and all that's left is wetness. That's probably the part that I hate the most. The nasty transformation from snow to slush. But before this turns into a list of the things that I hate, an incredibly smooth change of subjects. School has been on my mind a lot lately. More than I'd like. I lack the ability of prioritizing and whenever I do something school related I can't help but being a bit of a perfectionist about it. And it absorbs a lot of my time. It's kind of foolish of me since grades don't really matter all that much at the university, the important thing is that one passes. Yet another thing I'll have to work on...


  1. Wow, beautiful yet this looks so wild.. Not wild as in wild but wild in nature (hahah, confusing!).. hmmm
    nice pictures.. this seems so refreshing..

    One Frozen Mind

    1. Haha, got it! :D And thank you, glad you like them!

  2. les photos sont superbes!

    Coline ♥