Photographer: Sara Lehtomaa
Models: Aura, Venla & Nea / FashionTeam
MUAH: Timo Vuorimies

Hi there! It's been a while since I wrote something. Something other than academic texts, that is. I'm a really slow writer and I've been stuck with writing take-home exams about literature and linguistics for basically the whole weekend. But it's ok. I probably wouldn't have had the energy to do anything else anyway, since I've been sick. With a soar throat and an unbearable cough. But now I'm getting better, and feel almost completely normal again. I do hate the post-sickness condition though, because you don't know whether you're healthy enough to start living normally again, and after many days of being still, moving your body feels really awkward and clumsy. But then again I'm awkward and clumsy pretty much all the time. Especially now that I haven't bothered to exercise for roughly half a year. It's really starting to reach that point where enough is enough. Feeling like shit all the time is simply not worth it (except of course in the beginning when you just don't give a fuck and go all yolo). So I should probably do something about it. Eventually. I wish all of those inspirational quotes and pictures and whatnot would inspire me too (for some reason I just start to laugh frantically when I see one)...


  1. Hey :)
    I'm glad that you feel well again!
    The poses are good and expressive. I like that :)
    But unfortunately the focus is totally off the face. When you improve that it's perfect!

    Best regards

    1. Hey Matthias!

      I believe you're referring to the first photo? I was shooting with a very shallow depth of field and this is actually the effect I was going for. Furthermore, I've blurred all photos to some extent and added noise in post-processing to get that old worn out polaroid feel to them :) I'm sorry to hear you don't like it! But it's only natural for everyone to have their own preferences :)

      Best wishes,

  2. So pretty! I love your blog, Finland is like a home to me :)

  3. Love these pictures! I have been the same as you but you need to find something that's fun for you, I in my case love jogging and going to the gym. Because when it's fun you do it more often! Hope you feel better.

    1. Hi Tanja! You're right, it would definitely make it easier if it was something I enjoyed doing :) Yoga has been quite nice, in the beginning of the year I actually did it for about a 6 month period almost daily (with occasional short breaks), but now I'm at this point once again... Remains to be seen how far I'm willing to go with my back pains and whatnot before I actually start doing anything :---D
      Anyway, thanks for the kind words! xx

  4. so beautiful photos. and beautiful girls!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Greta, glad you like them :)