Photographer: Sara Lehtomaa
Model: Mirka Könnö / ModelPoint
Assistant: Tiina Lehtomaa

This gold themed photoshoot actually happened as far ago as four months. I had ordered some cool shit from eBay including this gold body chain and two bottles of gold body paint (spontaneous shopping is one of my worst vices). The rest of the props are from a local flea market (which I'm in the habit of visiting monthly since I always make finds like this there). So I had all of this cool stuff and this is what we ended up with when the time came to shoot. I have been dying to publish these for all these months but unfortunately that was off limits. Elegant Magazine had agreed to publish this series in one of their issues which is pretty goddamn awesome. But the date of publishing was set to August and so I had to hold my horses. But now the issue is (obviously) out and I can share these all I want. In case you guys feel like purchasing the issue you can do that here (digital) and here (print). And let me know what you think about these, I'd seriously love to hear!


  1. this is so perfect! well done on the magazine feature!


  2. apua miten täydellisiä kuvia! :O

  3. Taas ihan mahtavia kuvia! Toi toisiks viimeinen oli mun erityinen suosikki jollain tavalla :)