Some slightly more personal photos this time, from my trip to Stockholm, which I did about a month ago with my family. We were staying for three days only and when you're in Stockholm that isn't too much time. We did however find time to carry out the essentials - shopping and visiting our relatives. We met up with my aunt and my sickeningly cute cousins. And my dear grandma. She had been sick and was waiting to hear from the hospital, either good or bad news about a potential surgery. And dad especially wanted to be there for her. Luckily the news were good and there was no need to take such measures. It was a little scary, the thought of her existence coming to and end. I guess that was also one of the reasons why I wanted to photograph her, in case this was to be the last time...

My relationship to my relatives on my father's side is kinda tricky. I've spent a lot of time with them when I was little and have mostly good memories from our time together. But now after moving to Finland (and growing older) and staying apart from them for the majority of every year I've started to look at them objectively. And those thoughts contradict greatly with my childhood memories. A lot of it has to do with their values and morality, which in some instances differ hugely from my own. A lot of it is a consequence of the way they were brought up in Iraq. They have their own ways of doing things and that's perfectly ok. But sometimes it gets to the point that I can't respect them based on their actions. I won't go any deeper on this subject now. I like to see myself as a fairly open minded and empathic person, one who tries to avoid conflicts at any cost. But when there are people who you deeply care for involved it's hard to just leave it be. Feeling slightly confused. When you love someone but they suddenly change in your mind after you've found out an unpleasant truth about them, what do you do? I know they're not going to change because it's deeply imprinted by cultural norms and how they were brought up, and I really don't feel like supporting something I can't accept.

I don't want to finish with such a gloomy tone so I'll just explain some of the photos in hopes to lighten up the mood a little. The second photo is of my grandma. She's beautiful, isn't she? And a very active woman despite of her health problems. Sometimes a little too active, not allowing herself to rest. She's a very loving person. And perhaps the world's greatest cook. The next photo is of something she cooked for us called "kfta" and it's one of my favorite dishes ever. The fourth photo is of my cousin Alex. He's one of the cutest things I know. He's a sensitive kiddo who's a little shy but very kind and sweet. I had so much fun shooting him! I think he got so excited about seeing us that he didn't know what to feel, making a bunch of crazy faces moving from one emotion to another, haha. The last photo is kind of random if you don't know the story behind it, so let me enlighten you with an anecdote. So this is my grandma's toilet seat. It's guarded by this painted stone cat. Why? So that snakes climbing up the plumbs won't come out of her toilet seat. Obviously.


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    1. Thanks darling! Glad you like them :)

  2. oi, en arvannutkaan, että sulla olisi ulkomaalaisia sukujuuria. niin mielettömän kaunis nainen sun isoäiti. mä uskon, että kulttuuerot ja erilaiset arvomaailmat voi joskus olla tosi hankalia.. mä olen asunut chilessä jo yli kolme vuotta, joista vuoden vaihto-oppilaana ultrakatolilaisten uskonnonopettajien tyttärenä, ja no, ei tarvi varmaan selittää mikä siinä välillä mättäsi. kauniita kuvia, erityisesti isoäitisi potretti!

    1. Kiitos paljon! Itsekin tykkään siitä kuvasta erityisen paljon :)

      Hihi, joo ei musta ulkoapäin oikein aavista moista! Kyllä toisinaan on hankalaa vaikkei siellä edes olla kovin uskonnollisia (mummia lukuun ottamatta), kaikki tavat vaan niin erilaisia kuin täällä pohjoismaissa. ei oikein tiedä miten kuuluis suhtautua :D hui, mahtoi olla melkoinen kokemus tuo vuosi chilessä!