I've already shared this on facebook, but what the hell, there's nothing stopping me from doing it here as well! So as some of you may already know I was featured on Visual Artistry Magazine's latest issue (wohoo). Thank you Mirka for modeling and creating these photos with me and thanks to VA Magazine for featuring them in this issue (one of my photos even made it to the cover)! It feels incredibly good to know that people like my photos, it means I'm doing something right I guess. It also motivates me to go forward and evolve even further. It's a never ending journey and with every experience I'm becoming better at what I do. It's a basic rule in life and everyone ought to remember that! Also thank YOU guys! It's amazing that I've managed to please over 800 people with my work. I really appreciate all the kind comments I've received and the fact that you think my work is worth following! If you feel like purchasing the whole issue you may do that here (link).

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