Polaroids are so much fun! Now I can say that as I've lost my polaroid virginity thanks to this wonderful web-shop called CoolStuff. They sent me the awesome Polaroid 300 to test it out and I couldn't be happier since I've always wanted to try instant photography. Instant photography is a lot of things. Exciting as you're waiting for the photo to develop. Easy since there are only a few adjustments you need to make. Very light weight, which is an awesome feature you'll learn to appreciate after shooting many years with a digital SLR. And in the beginning somewhat nervewracking because you wont have a clue what the final photo will look like. But I'm growing more and more fond of this tiny box of magic for every time I take it out for a trip. Cropping is a little bit tricky at first but as you get to know your camera it gets easier. This one fits a film of 10 prints so you need to really consider what you shoot before pressing the trigger. I think it's a good exercise for every photographer. Learning to take a photo with consideration is very helpful. Firing shots high speed has always been a bad habit of mine. It's a pain in the ass to scan through the often thousands (I'm not kidding) of photos and in the end it's seriously just a huge waste of time. So any of you who photograph, I recommend doing this sort of exercise (with any camera) and striving to change your style of shooting (of course when you shoot with a digital camera and there are less limits it's very tempting to "play it safe" and I guess that's ok but it's good to improve yourself and learn what's worth a photograph). It's very rewarding. Also just looking around your surroundings and focusing completely on the search for a photogenic subject is to me a very calming experience, almost therapeutic. So thumbs up for polaroid cameras!