The sea is a very humbling experience in my opinion. A lot like space is with its mysteries and wonders. During my trip to Helsinki last week me, Noora and Silva spontaneously decided to go to Sea Life and even just seeing these creatures in these pathetic relatively small aquariums was mesmerizing. Makes you think about what else may be living down there. It's actually pretty scary, not knowing what's going on in the deepest depths of the ocean. We are fundamentally quite disconnected from deep ocean life and don't spend as much time/money exploring it as we do space, because it's expensive and difficult (thanks to factors like high pressure and poor visibility). In an article published by the Center for American Progress the budget for NASA is told to be $3.8 billion, while the budget for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is only $23.7 million. Yeah... But I guess people are more interested in exploring space now that they've figured it's impossible to ever establishing human habitation more than about 1000 ft deep. What a bummer. I'd still like to know whats going on down there. And get this, scientist estimate that we still have not discovered 91% of the species that live in our oceans. That means, there could be anything lurking in the darkness, only the high pressure holding them down and away from us. Other than the appeal for something unknown I think the parts of the seafloor that we already have explored are incredibly beautiful. It's like another world. And we are pretty much shitting on them, pouring nuclear waste and god knows what into the water. Maybe after years of filling the waters with all those chemicals we'll start to encounter mutations that are so fucked up they can breathe and walk on land and maybe then the creatures of the sea can finally have their revenge on us. Just maybe. Below is a short video I shot at Sea Life. I was so struck by the beauty of the jellyfish (yes, I am serious) that I think it's my new favorite animal. There's something about the plainness and primitiveness of their appearance that appeals to me. And the way they pulse forward lazily is just beautiful to watch, like a dance. But one mustn't forget how deadly they can be!


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    1. kiitti linda :) pääasiassa mallin ansiosta kylläkin, hihi!

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    1. meduusat + silva = upeutta !! kiva että oot samaa mieltä hehee

  3. mieletöntä matskua oot saanu aikaseksi!

    1. voi kiitos! oli kyllä paljon hyvää raakamatskua jota työstää, helpotti aika lailla mun homaa :)

  4. I recently discovered the joys of being underwater. It's the most incredible, awesome, feeling.