This is pretty much what my summer looked like. Other than relaxing and treating myself with delicious foods and drinks and lying in the sun I got really mad (and sad) when I found out that I hadn't made it to the next round in my entrance exams (expressed in the photo of me and my brother giving a finger to the world). That evening was nice, though, despite of the bad news. In the bright summer night we headed to the beach with our bikes and bag packed with beverages. It was beautiful out there, the sky being pink and all. I really miss that. Being face to face with nature and absorbing it all like sponge (since those moments are such a rarity here). Well, obviously you could do the same in winter, autumn and spring but it's not quite as enjoyable. In my opinion nature is at its best in the summer time. I'm such a comfort whore. If I was to decide it would most certainly be warm and sunny all year long. Anyhow, all in all I had a very enjoyable summer and a lot of it was due to the excellent weather. I hope next year will be as good in that aspect. Yeah, quite honestly, I'm not too concerned about the climate change because of the effects it has on northern climate (hehe). Besides, I think the whole thing is a little over dramatized. It's not like there hasn't been changes in the climate of the earth before us, in fact quite the opposite. Sure, we might have impacted it to some extent, but well, everything impacts everything and all is connected. However, I think it's a little arrogant of us to think that we've had such a great impact on the earth with polluting and such. But I'm not a scientist and who the fuck really knows? It's all just speculation anyway, how could anyone really be sure... Also my dog tried to fake her own death. I freaked out for a second when I discovered her lying like this. I'm pretty sure it was her attempt to get attention. Lastly I'm going to provide you with a song I listened to a lot during summer. It's a remix by Lenno of St. Lucia's song We Got It Wrong.

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