Some of the very first photos I took aspiring to become a photographer. So sorry for not posting shit and being absent for a while but I've been kind of stressed out about getting a job. And that hasn't been working out very well for me yet since there aren't that many jobs available but tons of people searching for one. I miss the routines (never thought I would actually say that). Yes, having a bunch of time for yourself is a precious thing as well. But at times I just feel like it's time wasted. There are many things I get to do, like watch movies and read eyeopening books/articles and just figuring things out because there currently are no distractions in my life. And I've been improving my well being with trying out yoga and ending up doing it several times a week because I liked it. Also, I've had the time to really think about what I want to do photography wise. That's all very nice. However, in a weird way I miss work (whatever it may be) and the routines. But most of all I really need to start getting some income if I'm going to sustain my photography.

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