I always get amazed when I see Elizaveta Porodina's photos. They have an otherworldly quality to them with these breathtakingly beautiful color palettes and the sometimes alien styling. It's always interesting to see non educated photographers do so well. And there are a lot of those as well. It's proof that education means nothing if you don't have the passion for it. When that's the case there's usually a desire to show the world something, what ever happens to be inside of your head. So it's a lot about being able to replicate your thoughts and visions as well as possible on a photograph. Of course there are many variables in creating a beautiful photo, such as knowing how to use your camera as efficiently as possible, choosing the right location and model (overall having a good eye), being able to work well with the people involving that photo (model), controlling lighting, but the most important one which in my opinion clearly makes the biggest difference is that you've got some interesting perspectives of your own. Of course, that alone isn't enough, because in order to create something specific you need all of these different components and being able to control them as you like. I might see a skillfully captured photo of a beautiful girl and think "that's a pretty photo". But then I'll move on and forget about it, because there was nothing in that photo that rose any kind of thoughts in me. That's an ok achievement but don't you want to make an impact on people? I want to. And if I can make a photograph that's beautiful and influential at the same time I'm thrilled. And if not that then you really have to work on the visuals. I'm not saying I know how to do all of this, this is just stuff that I've just recently started to realize. So that is what I strive for since I'm not quite there yet. Anyhow, when I see beautiful photos like these it makes me want to create something as beautiful myself, so it's a huge inspiration and motivational push. At this point I have overused the world "beautiful" in this post so I should probably stop. Hope you get inspired and get some sort of motivation out of these as well!

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