Above some photos from a few weeks back, when we spent a lovely sunny day at the beach and ate at this wonderful restaurant with my family. And below one of my favorite tracks from Miike Snow's newest album Happy To You, which is by the way in it's entirety awesome. Warmly recommend you to take a listen!





Hi guys, long time no see! This post is about one of the many great things about summer - festivals! And also one of the many reasons I haven't been writing for a while. This one took place in Belgium in a little village called Werchter (which I still don't quite know how to pronounce, during our stay I heard several versions...). I'm forever grateful to Ville and Ilona who were the ones that discovered this awesome four-day festival. Their friend Linda who was also going asked my friend Vilma to join and so I ended up being part of it as well. I do have to say in the beginning I was kind of skeptical about traveling with a bunch of people I had never met before. But hoping that they would all turn out to be nice and without being able to resist the unbelievable lineup I decided to tag along. And I'm really happy I did because I will remember those seven days for the rest of my life.

It was a lot of firsts for me. Camping, traveling abroad without parents and listening to my favorite music live were all completely new concepts to me. So I was really looking forward to experience all of these new things. The plan was to travel to Brussels two days in advance and stay at a hotel the first night. The second day was to pass by as we made our way to Leuben by train and in the evening finally Werchter and the campsite by buss. The festival would get started not until on our third day and then go on for an entire four days. So with a huge backpack and an open mind I set off. At the end of the second day after having carried around 11 kilos for two days I was more exhausted than I think I have ever been in my life, neck aching, head pounding, struggling to stay awake (and the fact that my exercising during the last couple of years has been basically nonexistent wasn't making it any easier). To briefly summarize the first two days: physical pain and being sorry that my boyfriend couldn't make it because of his military service (I traveled along with two other couples and that was a constant reminder of what it could've been like if Niklas would've been there with me). Not a very pleasant start but I knew it would get better as the festival started. And it did! Besides, the lineup alone (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Justice, M83, Mumford And Sons, The Kooks, Lana Del Rey, The Temper Trap...) was totally worth all of the unpleasantness. But also getting to know these new sweet people was wonderful.

I have never in my life been so dirty as I was during the camping and the amount of sweating was truly unbelievable. The climate was surprisingly different from Finland's dry and coldish weather. It was super moist and occasionally too hot for us Finns to handle. Being used to not burning in the sun I was stupid enough to spend the first day without sunscreen....I was fried and ended up looking like a lobster. I bet you can imagine what carrying a heavy backpack felt like with the nasty sunburn I got on my shoulders. PAINFUL. I hate getting a sunburn since it makes you feel like an albino with zero sun tolerance.... ;__;

After having spent five nights in a tent I can now say that camping isn't for me (my lower back, ouch). And returning to the hotel and sleeping on the semi-soft beds (and between clean cheats!) was pretty awesome! In fact, sleeping in the first place was extremely peachy, since we didn't do that so much at the campsite. Anyhow, I had a good time and I would definitely do it all again!