Photos I've taken throughout the last couple of weeks. And yes, I have been absent for a very long time but I swear I never forgot about you guys! I've just been ridiculously busy with everything. Mostly with applying for postgraduate study. And I'm guessing it isn't too difficult for anyone who knows me or follows my blog to figure out what it is that I want to study. Photography. And the election of students is a two phase process. The first phase was to complete three assignments:

  1. Assemble a portfolio of your own photos.
  2. Economic crisis. Take three photos and write an explanation (max 30 words).
  3. Facebook. Take one photo.

This is where I messed up big time. For some unexplainable reason I did probably the most retarded thing one can do. I only did one of these assignments. I don't know what the hell got into me when I thought you were supposed to choose one of the three above...so I did only the first assignment, my very own portfolio. Firstly because I already had all the material needed (lazy much) and secondly because my reaction to #2 was "ASDDMdsajlkhbfbhv WHAT_THE_FUCK????? Just. What." (don't know shit about economics) and #3 was "Meh". Anyhow, being a lucky bastard I discovered in time that there were still two assignments to do. Having only one week to do them the first thing I did was of course panic. Then I burst into tears. And finally I gathered myself. And in the end I did manage to generate something. Certainly not the best I could do but better than nothing! Despite of this epic failure I'd say my chances of making it to the second round are fairly good. In one month I'll know...



A super duper quick Instagram photo diary (= assortment of very random shots that I've taken in the past week) this time! Me no have time... Will hopefully be able to offer something slightly more interesting (and fresh) in my next post.



The good old times. Every now and then it's nice to recall what life used to be like many years ago. When you were a kid and there wasn't a care in the world. When I think of my childhood the first thing that pops into my head is definitely Pokemon. Yes, believe it or not, I was a huge fan. I watched the series on TV, was a crazy card collector and above all played Pokemon with my GameBoy. I was the ultimate fan. And I remember like it was yesterday this one incident when I was seven years old. I was sitting in one of the school toilet stalls and playing Pokemon when a boy walks in to the (unisex) toilets. He hears the Pokemon theme song from one of the stalls and asks: "Are you playing Pokemon in there?". I get a little excited and give an eager "Yes". But when I get out of the stall and face the boy he goes: "Oh, you're a girl. I thought you were a boy. Weird, I didn't know girls liked Pokemon." The sensitive little girl I was back then naturally got upset and ran out of the toilets as fast as she could. For a while I thought about giving up Pokemon but I just couldn't. I was too big of a fan. And deep down inside I know I still am...

So after remembering this long lost love of mine I went to buy this very old Game Boy Color (Pikachu edition!) for 15 euros. After a long break (having donated my precious Game Boy Advance and Pokemon Fire Red to my cousin (who btw is super annoying) some years ago) I felt like it was time for me to make a comeback as a Pokemon Trainer and return to the wondrous world of Pokemon. However, I couldn't find any Pokemon cassettes since those are so rare to find these days. But my boyfriend happened to have one and was sweet enough to give it to me. So other than photographing this is what the unemployed me does nowadays. Pretends to be a Pokemon Trainer.



Can't get enough of feathers, bright colors, tribal prints and braided hair. Even though I just did a Native American inspired photo shoot I feel like I want to do another one. And I'm probably gonna do one. As soon as I've carried out the numerous other ideas in my head. Nowadays all I wanna do anymore is photograph. It's like I'm seeing the world through a completely different perspective. For instance when going to new places the photographer inside of me immediately evaluates their potential as a place to shoot. And when meeting new people all I see is potential models. Well, not all, that would be weird. But you get my point. When I see something beautiful I feel an urge to grab my camera and capture it.



Had a lovely photoshoot / get-together with old friends last Thursday. Had a great time gossiping, sipping rosé wine and above all being creative! Wilhelmiina had this suuuuper rad indian headpiece which I instantly fell in love with. Naturally it had to be in the photos.