Above some two-month-old photos of my favorite knit and probably the coolest asymmetrical blouse I've ever come across. Beige rules. In other news, I can't believe it's finally over. School, stuDYING, exams...in a way it feels unreal. And incredibly weird. But it indeed is real and there are so many conflicting thoughts running through my brain right now. Fuck yeah, it's done, no more reading 'till my brain hurts. Shit, I'll be missing hanging out on the school corridors and seeing my favorite faces everyday. Sweet, now I'll be able to focus fully and completely on photography. And it's so confusing! Still, I'm so happy and relieved I think I could cry. And I can't wait to actually do stuff that I love! The forthcoming weeks will be involving sumptuous amounts of chillin', being ridiculously lazy, playing with my camera and spending time with awesome people. Starting tomorrow.




Haven't been posting anything for quite a while now. But I've actually been studying, so excusez-moi. These are some old shots from a photo shoot I did together with my friend Jenni. For some reason I just never got around posting them when they were fresh. Hope you like! I've been feeling strangely restless the last couple of days. After two weeks of studying I just can't keep it up anymore. I need to take a break and do something else for a change, more particularly party. Like my boyfriend liked to put it I'm "a real partyanimal". I don't see myself as one, though. I'm thinking my overly stressed mind is just trying to find ways to relax itself. Lets see how victoriously I'll manage to fight back these urges during the weekend...






Yet another photo shoot. This one wasn't like the photo shoots that I ordinarily do, though. This time I was shooting with my friend's band, Nothing But Numbers, which meant shooting four people at the same time. Not one of my strengths (obviously because shooting many people at the same time is harder than focusing on one model, you've got a lot less control). I usually like to concentrate on one person at a time, because that way you'll surely get a good shot. Despite of my insecurities it went well. I'm really happy with what we managed to put together. In addition it was great fun working with them as well! If you don't count me getting my feet soaked (I didn't expect us to be trudging through snow, otherwise I would've worn something more suitable than converse). After the shoot we made a deal with Verna - when summer finally arrives we'll be taking tons of photos. Looking forward to that...and summer in general...

In other news I'm addicted to instagram and it's FUCKING ANNOYING. My addiction (or whatever you wanna call it) is getting really bad. In the morning when I wake up - Instagram. While eating breakfast - Instagram. As I brush my teeth - Instagram. Fucking all the time - Instagram. Oh yeah, and dad bought me a new iPhone, which I still can't quite comprehend. But apparently there was some "great deal" and so he decided to buy me the iPhone I've been dreaming of for years. Most of all I love the fact that it has a great camera (bet you didn't see that one coming). Click here to follow me on Instagram and scroll down to see some Instagram shots! Hope you have a good one!



Stuff that seriously makes me happy:

» Having a warm cup of green tea and cuddling on the sofa next to my dog watching my favorite show when it's freezing cold outside.
» All the strange and sometimes crazy shit that happens in the bar. Later on they'll be nice memories (if you do remember that is)...unfortunately I don't have a clue what made me pull this epic face last friday. Most probably something very shocking.
» Being with people who accept me for who I am, no matter how weird or fucked up. Our girls night out on friday worked as a splendid antidote to my angst-ish mood (mostly caused by stress and being apart from my boyfriend).
» That day of joy when the spring and summer collections arrive in stores. Even though I do love wearing white in the summer bright colors and wild flower prints are definitely my thing!

Today however has been a day of suffering. Let me tell you why. In the morning I woke up to discover that I have a swollen eye. Certainly wasn't a pleasant sight to look in the mirror and see Quasimodo staring back at me...and in addition to looking ridiculous it also hurts like hell! My friend told me it might have something to do with vitamin deficiency and mom said it could be allergy...I don't have a clue. All I know is I want it gone.



Right now my craving for summer is so big that there's no way I'll be able to concentrate on reading for the exams for at least a couple of days. That however doesn't mean I won't be trying. Today i spent about an hour trying real hard to read but because of my lack of concentration I ended up reading the same sentences over and over again (and still didn't quite internalize them), and ultimately got two pages further. It's not that psychology isn't interesting, I actually find it very fascinating, it's just that when I'm excited about something and basically think about it 24/7 it's very hard for me to just shut it out of my mind and focus on something else. I've been hyped ever since I found out that Two Door Cinema Club is going to perform at Ruisrock (a Finnish music festival). And yesterday I received a very eager phone call from my boyfriend telling me that M83 and Justice are going to be at another festival here in Finland this summer. As if that wouldn't be enough I love pretty much everything that has to do with summer so I seriously can't wait for the snow and ice to melt and the temperatures to rocket through spring. My train of thought while studying is more or less like this "...alright, so, cognitive dissonance is a feeling of unpleasant arousal caused by - SUMMER, SUMMER, TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB, SUMMER, M83, JUSTICE, SUMMER, SUN, SUN, SUN"!

I really do wish it was summer already. And it's somewhat depressive that there's almost three months left to go. Therefore I'm lucky to have other cheery (in a much smaller scale, though) things in my life. Like having a girls night out today! Or being the lucky winner of this really sweet giveaway hosted by Lija from The Fashion Skeleton. This is actually the fourth time I win a giveaway and I'm starting to think I should play the lottery. Anyhow, my point is that sometimes even I forget the little things while fantasizing about stuff that's out of my hands. So instead of whining about it I've decided to enjoy what I have. Maybe that'll improve my concentration as well...or not.