The little things matter in our lives, that's for sure. When you're feeling down a text from a loved one, a compliment from a stranger or unexpected perfect weather could be one of the things to save that day. I see myself as an optimist and I've noticed I very easily get cheered up by the smallest and most insignificant-seeming things. That's a feature I love about myself. To be able to look on the bright side of life. And quite frankly I don't much like people who always point out the negative sides of things and make the world seem like such a horrible place (when it's not!). That just doesn't match my way of thinking.

I do admit, though, that lately even I have been having some trouble to stay optimistic. But then again first an excruciating sore throat and now sinusitis don't give much reason to be cheerful. However, today was an exception, since I got to see my boyfriend after being parted from him since last Sunday due to him being gone to do his military service. Reuniting was pretty awesome. Anyhowzz, after reading this lovely post, which (surprise surprise) cheered me up, I decided to make my own version of it in hopes to cheer you guys up! So here you go, my favorite little things that bring a thread of light even to the darkest days of my life!



Finally received some photo material form Tiiu. So hope you're still okay with a New Year's Eve post, though it's been a month already (cause that's all you're getting). And yes, I had my camera along (as per usual) BUT didn't take a single photo... The four days we spent in this amazing 300 square feet hut can really be summed up in two words: unforgettable and awesome. The photos pretty much speak for themselves...I thought editing animal heads in the photos was a funny idea since the atmosphere there indeed was very animalistic.



I've been feeling really emotional the last couple of days. Don't know why (It's not even that time of the month). But I'm guessing it's all the stress, longing and exhaustion that's sucking all the energy out of me and making me feel like I'm gonna burst into tears any second...really hope the weekend will sweep these feelings out the door. I want to be my happy cheery self again!



These photos are from the cruise we were on last Thursday. Our expectations in advance were rather high and we were looking forward to having a helluva good time partying and meeting new interesting people. However arriving and getting on the ship was a big let-down. It was full of middle-aged Russians (not that there's anything wrong with Russians or middle-aged people in general, they just weren't exactly what we were expecting from the cruise) and Finnish 13-year-old boys trying to hit on us...and not a single Swede! Which was really odd considering that the ship was passing through Stockholm. Can't comprehend. But we did our best to have a good time anyway. We did some karaoke, played around with my camera (taking shots of ourselves trying to look super sexeeh) and at the end of the night we met some nice boys from Kuopio. Apparently we were the only 18-year-old Finns in the whole ship. So we decided to throw a party of our own down at the cabins.

As for right now I'm having a really hard time trying to focus on school work...there's this one person on my mind who I just can't stop thinking about. And I keep listening to this song over and over again since it reminds me of him. Aah, really should be doing school work right now but I just can't help myself!