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My outfit form last Wednesday and a brief summary of this week. I've always thought that I'm a fairly good cook. This Thursday, however, I discovered that my impression of myself as a cook is terribly wrong. Somehow me and Emilia managed to burn our pasta (= the worlds easiest food to prepare) as we were cooking dinner. This has never happened to me before so I'm assuming me and E are just a disturbingly bad equation. Luckily I don't suck as much at photography! On friday I managed to take several stunning photos of E as we were on our outdoor adventure in a nearby forest. But of course the fact that E is a gorgeous woman helped out a lot! She didn't have to do much in order for me to get a good shot. Haven't had time to edit the photos yet because of all the school related stuff that I've also had to deal with, but I promise to post them asap! Other than that I've enjoyed the sunshine which felt incredibly awesome after an excessively long period of nothing but rain and gray skies. I sometimes do wish Finland was placed somewhere nearer the equator...





Hello darlings! Honestly I didn't expect the last year of high school to be quite this tough (quite the opposite actually). I've been terribly busy with school related stuff lately, but I still somehow always have managed to find some time to write in my blog (though in the last months, I do admit, it hasn't been very often)! Anyhow, I don't want you to think that I've abandoned this blog, because that is definitely not the case! I'm very sorry to inform you, though, that all I have to offer you for now is a possibly boring post of what I've purchased in the last couple of months (because everything else that has been going on in my life has either been very uninteresting (like school) or/and unsuitable to be shared here). But yeah, here I give you my latest purchases! Hope you like them as much as I do.

Oh, and by the way, there's this photography contest that Rajala is organizing and naturally I took part in it, so what I need you sweet readers to do is to go vote for me here (it's really easy, you don't have to register or any of that shit, you just click at the '+' below the photo and that's it! Takes like two seconds!). You have no idea how incredibly much I would appreciate it! If all of you guys would vote for me I'd already be placed in the top 10, so each vote really does count! The prize is a Canon EOS 600D and a photography course. Kisses and hugs, I don't say this often enough but I really do appreciate your support and I'm so glad that people actually enjoy reading this!



This week was probably the most fun one I've had in a long time (if you don't take the beginning of the week with the exams and all into account)! Getting my mind off all the stressful things (=school) really helped me relax to the max, which included eating awfully lot of unhealthy but ruthlessly delicious food, listening to some of my favorite music and hanging out with my awesome family. And of course celebrating the end of the exams out in the night with my friends was tons of fun too! An unforgettable weekend to sum it up! Especially the Skins Party on friday won't be fading away from my mind anytime soon. It was mental. Besides, dancing two hours non-stop is a good work out too. But the photos above have absolutely nothing to do with my awesome weekend. They're from my cousins wedding from two weeks ago. Thought I'd share these with you guys since I currently don't have anything else to offer! Hope you had a lovely weekend as well!



...or rather closeups of my room. I don't really like my room in its entirety, so I thought showing you the bits I do like was a better idea. Hope this is good enough for all of you my-room-post-requesters! On another note I've been having the weirdest nightmares lately. And one night I dreamt no less than three nightmares. During the same night! In the first nightmare my brother had turned into a t-rex and was chasing me around trying to eat me. In the second one I was chased again, but this time by a cluster of hungry zombies. In the last one I was laying in the sun, and just as I was convinced that this wasn't going to be another nightmare I discovered that my tattoo had completely faded away. I was only a little shocked and royally relieved when I woke up. All I can say is that if the evolutionary theory of dreaming (whereby dreams are a form of threat rehearsal) is true, my subconscious mind should chill the fuck out. But now the ever so lovely exam week has arrived and my dreams are going form zombie massacre to "Oh no, I overslept and didn't make it to the exam!", which isn't helping my stress at all. I've always been the type of person who overstresses and it definitely shows in my dreams. Hope your dreams are sweeter than mine. Have a lovely weekend guys!