Before doing the room post that some of you guys requested, I just had to post this video. I filmed most of it this summer at a rock festival called Ruisrock (except the parts with the amazing fireworks, which I filmed later on at Tall Ships Race). Finally today I got around actually editing it and choosing a suitable song to the background. And I'm quite happy with the end result!



Had a really lovely time meeting these two gals last Saturday! Hope to see you soon again ladies! And all you readers should def go and check out their blog called Live to tell the tale, it's fully loaded with absolutely stunning photos and reading it always cheers you up! I can honestly say that they're two of the sweetest girls I've ever met.




I'm sitting alone in an empty flat. My mind is completely at peace and every single muscle in my body is relaxed after a long walk in the rain. The color spectrum in the sky created by the sun and the water drops hovering in the air is like a piece of art. And the distinctive earthy smell of rain is one of my favorite smells. My clothes and my hair are soaked and I probably look horrific but that doesn't matter now. Nothing can ruin this moment.

I'm listening to some old records with my dad's old LP player. He brought it from the garage a week ago. I can't even begin to understand why this treasure has been kept hidden for all these years, without anyone listening to the luscious melodies it produces. A mantle of calmness is spread over me. I want this harmony to last forever. Still, I know that sooner or later I'll have to crawl out of my lair.




This time I decided that I would take some 'behind the scenes' - photos throughout the day because I thought it would be fun to show you guys what else happens during the photoshoots. So here's an overload of photos, mostly taken by me. Besides getting great shots I also had a great time with my girls! Some of them I hadn't seen in a while so it was basically like killing two birds with one stone. Also we had some delicious vegetable soup for dinner and some heavenly apple pie for dessert, which in addition to filling my belly also made me realize what a shitty cook I am. By the way, are there any specific things that you would like me to post? For instance, would you like to see more outfit posts, or should I do Q&A or something? Help me out here, please, because sometimes I find it so darn hard to come up with anything to post!