Spent last week in Stockholm visiting all of my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. And because of the lack of time and access to Internet I haven't been able to post anything as you may have noticed (yeah, I'm not one of those bloggers who find time for their blog no matter what, keeping it updated and letting nothing get in the way of doing it). Well, I allowed myself to take some time off, and I seriously believe one week without Internet did me some good! Anyhow, it was one week full of action, which included playing with children, shopping my ass off, eating tons of delicious food, running in museums and taking all too many photos (had to empty my 16 GB memory card twice during the trip).

I enjoyed most of the trip but there were a couple of moments I'd rather not have experienced.. It was great to finally after one year of waiting do my yearly Stockholm shopping tour and shop in some decent stores (because here in Turku we don't really have those). But what I enjoyed the most was seeing the faces of the people I love. And, seriously, nothing compares to cuddling with four toddlers and reading them a bedtime story. I'm so happy I have so many cousins who are younger than me. Before I thought it was just annoying but I realize now what a great thing it is to be someone's role model.

One of the people I looked forward to seeing the most was my aunt. She is one of the most loving persons I know. It's like she always knows the right things to say to make me feel better. We stayed a couple of nights at her place and during that time I also got to know her neighbor. Namely the lovely lady who lived downstairs. And what a sweet person! Her lovely accent instantly gave away where she was originally from - America. I always find it very fascinating to meet people from other countries and since I haven't met many Americans during my lifetime I was pretty excited. And on top of that she was a photographer (have I ever mentioned I want to become one when I grow up?!). She needed to get rid of a bunch of old stuff, clothes, furniture, etc, since she was heading back to Florida. So she asked whether we want to go through some of her and her daughter's, Saga's, old clothes. I was of course thrilled since I love second hand and all that stuff. And after searching through five bin bags of clothing I did indeed find a heap of clothes (and three pairs of shoes!).

But if I had to condense the trip into one sentence it would probably be: Spending some quality time with my family was priceless (or: So much shopping so little luggage room).. Haven't written one of these long ass posts for a while now...hope at least some of you actually take your time to read it, haha.



Like the title says, inspiration. Photos like these usually help me get my creative juices flowing. However, lately (as in the last twelve months) they've been running kinda dry. I've hardly touched my sketchpad for one year. Tragic, really. But today after such a long time I suddenly felt like drawing. And I've been drawing the whole day! It's weird how inspiration comes and goes...



...which both raise my spirits! Decided to dye my hair even lighter and I'm so glad I did! I think it suits me much better since with my originally dark hair I've usually been called snow white...this on the other hand doesn't make me look as pale. I also decided this time I want to try something new, so I went to another hairdresser. I'm very happy of this decision too! At Avantgarde they did an amazing job and I so loved the atmosphere there! If any of you live here in Turku I def recommend you to go try it out! The hair stylists are highly educated and super friendly. You wont regret it!




Ruisrock was awesome. I so regret not getting the three-day-ticket. And I'm so jealous of those who did. Being at the festival and seeing a bunch of cool tattoos really inspired me. I'm so motivated to go get my next tattoo now! I've actually already booked an appointment at Joker The Tattoo Shop. I thought it would be nice to try some other place for comparisons sake and this was the obvious choice since that's where many of my friends have had their tattoos made. In other news, my brother's gone away for a week for this camp and I already miss him! At times like these I realize how blessed I am to have a brother at all. Can't imagine what it would feel like to be the only child.




 As much as I love shooting out in the nature, bugs are a pain in the ass and I fear and hate them from the deep bottom of my heart. During this photo shoot I was attacked by several gadflies and I was not too excited about it. My fear is not as bad as it was a few years ago, though. During the last couple of years I've learned the truth, which is, ignoring them works a whole lot better than panicking. However, there is an exception. Unfortunately this rule does not apply to gadflies. They come at you no matter what you do. After the shoot I literally ran a mile being chased by one (yes, that is how afraid I am of them) so I know what I'm talking about. I do realize now that it would've been much easier to just let it land on me and then slap it before it bit me but I wasn't able to think rationally at that moment. I panicked. I'm actually really ashamed of this stupid fear of mine and that's why I've tried to work on it and face it but sometimes I just can't help myself...



Spent Wednesday with this lovely lady. In addition to enjoying of her company I got to try out my new camera (YES, I GOT THE CANON EOS 7D I WAS TELLING YOU ABOUT BEFORE! FINALLY!). And I seriously couldn't ask for a better model, she's such a beauty! Now, I just have to tell you what we went through to get this camera. Last week dad was browsing the Internet and found this site called Yorkshire Cameras through ebay. They had the 7D at a too-good-to-be-true price so we decided to order it. However, the day after we received an urgent phone call from my uncle, who told us this was an Internet fraud company. This was followed by several phone calls to the bank as dad was seeing if there was any possibility to get our money back. They told us the chances were minimal and that all we could to do now was wait and see. We were really lucky in the end, and got our 1600 euros returned. The incredibly low prices themselves should've rang our warning bells. A quick google search would've confirmed that it's a scam website. It's a very believable one, though, so beware! After this fiasco we bought the camera plus a bunch of gear for 2700 euros from a reliable place. What have we learned? Before buying anything online make sure it's a reliable site, and NEVER rush into buying stuff!