...or rather closeups of my room. I don't really like my room in its entirety, so I thought showing you the bits I do like was a better idea. Hope this is good enough for all of you my-room-post-requesters! On another note I've been having the weirdest nightmares lately. And one night I dreamt no less than three nightmares. During the same night! In the first nightmare my brother had turned into a t-rex and was chasing me around trying to eat me. In the second one I was chased again, but this time by a cluster of hungry zombies. In the last one I was laying in the sun, and just as I was convinced that this wasn't going to be another nightmare I discovered that my tattoo had completely faded away. I was only a little shocked and royally relieved when I woke up. All I can say is that if the evolutionary theory of dreaming (whereby dreams are a form of threat rehearsal) is true, my subconscious mind should chill the fuck out. But now the ever so lovely exam week has arrived and my dreams are going form zombie massacre to "Oh no, I overslept and didn't make it to the exam!", which isn't helping my stress at all. I've always been the type of person who overstresses and it definitely shows in my dreams. Hope your dreams are sweeter than mine. Have a lovely weekend guys!


  1. looove those photos of your room!
    btw, I hope your dreams are getting nicer :)

  2. ihanan näkönen huone sulla! :)

  3. It's so beautiful and very organized. I love it :)


  4. it is so neat to see the details of your room. it's fun & voyeuristic -- i think seeing the things we hold precious (and how we arrange them) says a lot about who we are. thanks for sharing these. also, i used to have that bed!


  5. nice photos! :) I love your bed and the first light!

  6. awesome shots! love your wardrobe layout!

  7. Sulla on niin kodikkaan näkönen huone! Ja kamalaa myöntää, mutta saatoin hieman naurahdella sun painajaisille... Itsekin näin viime viikolla ihan kamalaa unta, jossa olin markkinoilla kun yhtäkkiä ystäväni ilmaantui paikalle innoissaan kertoen, että ihan tuolla lähellä myydään halvalla Topsopin kenkiä! Juoksimme sinne ja juuri kun pääsin käsiksi niihin ihanuuksiin niin myyjälle ja Topshopille tuli joku kamala riita ja kaikki ne vedettiin pois myynnistä suoraan silmieni edestä! :-( Mutta joo, lähinnä mun piti sanoa, että kiitos ihanaasta blogista, saan täältä aina paaaaaljon inspiraatiota :))

  8. Ihanan näkönen huone! :--)

  9. pikku possunenkin päässyt kuvaan B))

  10. Great post, I like reading your blog! :)
    See mine @

  11. lovely shots! :)
    i love your brown quilted leather chair, i believe haha.

    stop by sometime, xoxo Natalie

  12. I like your room! Love seeing how everyone decorates.

  13. thank you everyone, so glad you like my room! :)

    awww, ihana kommentti, piristi kummasti päivääni <3 haha, ja tuttuja noi ton tyyppiset painajaiset mullekin on xD mut hei, ollaanpahan sit valmistautuneempia toden tullen :---D

    EEEIIIIKÄÄÄ!!!! unohdin et sinäkin luet tätä blogia! :DDD nyt on yllätys pilattu ku tiedät jo miltä mun huone näyttää :D le fuck
    ja kyllä, possunen päässyt mukaan kuvaan tietysti 8) nää kuvathan oli nimenomaan mun huoneen arvokkaimmista esineistä kato <3

  14. ahh tell me 'bout it! i always have the weirdest dreams! a few nights ago i also had three nightmares in one night, that made me wake up a lot earlier than i should have 'cause i ended up being afraid to go back to sleep. and these dreams were so realistic, like these things could actually happen but if they would it would be terrible... i hope yours are getting better too, i know the feeling when you see yourself dying or your loved one dying in your dreams. it feels so real so you never wanna go through that again even though it's just a dream but still

  15. i love your room, i want it! :)

    i follow your blog, it´s amazing.

    Angie V- Spain

  16. wah you could teach me so much about photography (and it's actually a real request ahah), it's very comfy to be on your blog, it's like you never want to stop hiting the button 'next page'!
    I think i'm going to follow you with bloglovin for be sure to don't miss new articles :)