Had to drag my ass out of bed at 9 am yesterday, due to my tattoo appointment. I really don't think I would've made it without my lovely gal Jenni, because this time I was even more nervous than the first time (how is that even possible?!). I believe it might have something to do with the nightmare I had the night before, in which my new tattoo failed utterly and completely...but luckily I am not a fortuneteller and that was not a premonition! I LOVE my new tattoo! Though it hurt as hell (and my wrist is still super sore) it was totally worth it!

Now some of you must be wondering what the roman numerals stand for. Well, my first tattoo was dedicated for my mom and dad. This one's for my dog. I always wanted to get a roman numerals tattoo and I think getting the date of the day when my dog entered my life was the perfect way to go. While some might think getting a tattoo for one's pet is the stupidest idea ever, I think being part of my family she definitely deserves one.


  1. amazing tattoo - really sweet idea as well! i love it!

  2. So beautiful! Looks rad and I love/totally get the meaning behind it.

  3. it looks amaze girl!! i want a tattoo real bad but dont want the pain :( xx


  4. amazing tattoo, but you were not afraid to do it ? :) xx,K.

  5. oh, it's lovely to see that I'm not the only one who thinks like that about pets. actually I have tattoos dedicated to two of my dogs: initial letter + a paw for both of them :)

  6. the tatoo looks amazing and im obsessed with that hair!!!

  7. I like the idea behind behind the tattoo. & it look so amazing. The typography of the roman numerals just looks good.

  8. so cute! had a dog myself and it when the time was there it was like loosing a family member.

    i like the tattoo but the fact that i can't remove it keeps me from taking one.

    weird, i always like them on others.


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  10. I love the tattoo, it looks incredible! You must be so happy with it! It is so sweet that it's for your dog, but it also looks incredibly badass!

    The Internet Garbage

  11. i love it..really love it :)..nice blog!!!mind to visit back? thanks ..GBU

  12. woa, a GREAT blog!

    sweet and sugars,

  13. i love it!
    i wanted to get somethign for my dog too but then every ended up talking me out of it!

    glad ur the one with the guts it turned out awesome!



  14. your hair is amazing! and both the tattoos are beautiful!

  15. hot tat!!! and your hair is SOOO gorgeous!!!

  16. great! and btw, you are so beautiful.

  17. ihana tatuointi ! oikeestaan kaikki noi on ihania (: mut eikö sua pelota et esim työn saaminen on hankalampaa tai että jos sua rupee kaduttamaan tai jotain ? =)

  18. that tattoo is gorgeous. if i was brave enough, i hope mine would look as fab.

  19. girllllli love it!! looks effing amaaazinnngggg. and i don't think it's stupid that you got a tattoo for your dog----i have my dog's name!! hahaha crazy dog lady over here! watch out....soon enough you will be back at that tattoo parlor! much love pretty.

    ashley <3

  20. Love the tattoo and the hair.

    And I don't think getting your dog's date of birth is stupid. Now that I have a dog, I completely understand how important dogs could be to your family.

  21. Thanks for commenting on my blog! The tattoo is so powerful yet simple. I love the placement.

  22. This is amazingly beautiful, I would love to have a tattoo.. but I'm a bit too chicken I guess..

  23. love it I had my wrist inked a few weeks back I had a feather xoxo

  24. thank you so much everyone! <3

    sure, i was feeling a little (well, actually a lot) nervous but not exactly afraid. :) and it was over in 10 minutes so it wasn't that bad. I would never have the balls to take a big tattoo like a full sleeve, though.

    yeah, i saw them on your blog and i'm totally lovin them! :) especially the paws.

    yeah, i don't even want to think about what it's gonna feel like when her time comes... :(
    well, guess some aren't just ready to have something as permanent as a tattoo placed on their skin. :) and even if you are you have to think so carefully through before you get a one.
    i also admire people with bigger tattoos but at the same time wouldn't want one myself. :)

    Mary ♥ Mur:
    aww, thanks darling!
    and sorry but i'm afraid i can't help you since i don't have an ipad. :( hope you find some nice programs without my help. :)

    kiitos laura! tiedän että asiakaspalvelualalla tatuointeja ja lävistyksiä vieruksutaan, ja monet paikat ei niitä työntekijöillään hyväksy. tottakai mietin kaikkia tatuointeihin liittyviä riskejä tosi tarkkaan ennen kun otin omani. mutta tavoittelen valokuvaajan ammattia, eikä niissä piireissä oo ulkonäöllä erityisesti merkitystä, joten päädyin siihen lopputulokseen että oon valmis ottamaan kaikki noi riskit. :) ja koska rakastan tadetta en usko että tuun katumaan mitään!

  25. looks great, i hope i'm brave enough to get one soon!

  26. beautfiul idea. thank you for the comment on my blog!

  27. WOW it's beautiful! I always wanted to get a roman letter tattoo, too but I think I might be too afraif of getting it haha! And you're gorgeous btw! So beautiful!! :)

    ♥, peppie

  28. We LOVE IT!! And we can completely relate to dedicating a tattoo to a pet. We don't know what we'd do without ours! PS. You are so beautiful!

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  29. first of all - you look gorgeous and you have such gorgeous hair! i think getting a tattoo for your pet is not a stupid idea, i agree, it's your animal and part of your family just like your parents or your brother. what i really like about this tattoo is the fact that you can't tell what it is when you look at it cause well, a lot of us can't figure out roman numbers instantly without using google and even if they can they wouldn't know, whats it about, so it makes it even more personal. + it's not something A LOT of people would have tattooed on them like butterflies or music notes or just a chain, cause dates are usually unique. i think it looks really good on you! :)

  30. En kestäää oon täs selannu sun blogii aik pitkälle ja nää kuvat on Niin inspiroivia ja oot varmaa kaunein ihmine kenet oon nähny !! Ja toi eka kuva, kunno perfectionn (: