So before moving on to day four in that ten-day-challenge I took up, I decided I want to write something else for a change! For instance what's been going on. Well, firstly there has been a lot, I repeat a lot of studying. Today I had my history exam and it went okay (considering my main goal was to actually pass the test). Yep, not a big history fan...but luckily the dreaded exam week is now finally over. And according to my calculations summer frickin holiday is in two months! Ironically there's still snow on the ground here in Finland (have I ever mentioned how much I hate winter?). But no matter how much I hate snow and cold weather, right now, nothing can bring me down! I am so excited and can't wait for summer to come! Here are some of the things I'm definitely gonna do during the holidays:

  1. Get a summer job and make some extra cash.
  2. Spend long days lying on the beach under the warming sun.
  3. Hang out with friends.
  4. Shop (obviously).
  5. Travel to my other home, Stockholm and visit Södermalm, my favorite place in the capital! If you happen to be into vintage and second hand shops and ever go to Stockholm I highly recommend you to visit Södermalm.
  6. Eat lots and lots of ice cream.

Now, about the pictures above: I've been reading this hilarious Swedish book, which I haven't finished yet (exam week kind of interrupted my reading so I'm happy to be able to continue from this day on). I also haven't had time to draw during exam week. The drawing above is something I drew a week ago. Thought it'd be nice to show you since I haven't done that before. What's up with you guys? Have you made any plans for your summer holiday yet? Oh, and btw, thank you so so much for all of your sweet comments and also for following me! You have no idea how much it means to me!



  1. i love how you share yourself with us, be it the challenge or writing this random stuff about your plans, really cool <3

  2. extra cash is always good. :D and that drawing is lovely.

  3. you're as pretty as a picture *.* and thank you so much for your lovely comment :)

  4. yea I really like number 2. on the list :) and nice music, the black keys are great

  5. i love your blog such a cool an amazing one!
    yeah a job should be fun no?

  6. Hello my lovely, thank-you for the comment , I'm definitely following you back, I'm in love with the drawing xx

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your photography is even more amazing. You should definitely do more fashion posts!

  8. NICE drawing!

    xo www.thefashionguitar.com

  9. lovely drawing :)


  10. lovely blog :) I'm your new follower.


  11. I think summer holidays end with college because my upcoming summer is going to be more like hell. :( Enjoy it for the both of us love!


  12. You have a really lovely blog! I'm in love! And the black keys! Aaah. You made my day :))))

  13. Nice songs! And I really like your pictures! Great blog!

  14. I love everything about your blog! Thanks for checking mine out! I'm following you on Bloglovin'!

  15. love your blog
    it´s really different!

    come visit me & follow if you like!

  16. yeah me too...can you imagine how cooler the photo would be with your shoulder tattoo in it. :D

  17. beautiful blog! you just got a new follower :)
    xxx isabel

  18. MeMe:
    well, I am so glad you like it! :) <3

    thanks babe!x

    Miss M.:
    thanks, sweets!
    and no probs! but seriously you look just like her!! : D

    that'd have to be my favorite too! i just wish it was summer already!!!!! yep, you gotta love em! :D

    Violetta E.:
    thank you so much!!:)

    thank yooouu!! <3 and YES! really sucks though, that all i can do right now is wait for an answer! :S

    thanks a bunch for following, darling!! love your blog too!!xx

    A N G E L A:
    thank yoou!:)

    thank you so so much!!:) u know it's comments like these that make your day if you're having a bad one!


    thank you so much!!:)

    Jazzy E (hivennn):
    and i love you! x

    Rebecca Clairine:
    thanks rebecca!:))

    thank you so much for following, it means a lot to me!!xx

    oh, thank yooouu!!x

    The Queen of Hearts:
    oh, i'm sorry to hear that!!:(
    and yes, i'll have fun for the both of us, promise!;) xx

    i am so so so happy to hear that!!! and thanks lovely!x

    thank you nikki!:)

    Sharon Elle:
    thank you soooo much for following, i really appreciate it! :) xx

    Mary Ko.:
    thank you!!:) and yeah, i'll definitely check out your blog!;)

    haha, yeah i guess it would!;DD

    thanks for following, babe! xx

  19. That illustration is beautiful, love it!

    Good luck with your exams, and good luck with finding a job! Hard times. x

  20. it took me a long time to find your comment button! but it was oh-so-worth it bc your blog is amazing ♥ I hope you get to find a job soon bc I know how wanting a tattoo feels and for that, you need money. duh.

    and #2, that's what I need to do this summer.


  21. You're finnish right? or you live in finland but how can your english be so good? like is it your mothertongue or do you study in english or whaat cause i watched your videos on youtube and you dont even have a stupid finnish accent..

  22. Really nice photos in your blog, just stopping by to say..lovely..:-)I'm always up for a Bloglovin swap? xx V (New Zealand)

  23. They're definitely my summer plans too! I'm going back to school, which means I'll be studying pretty much all summer while working full time! I really want to take a trip somewhere but I guess it'll have to wait. I love your illustration by the way! xoxoxoo

  24. Love that sketch. The hair in that drawing is awesome. Love the shading.

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  25. Hey, awesome blog! I'll definitely follow you, hope you would like to do the same;

    xxxx Love

  26. You make really great photos :)
    (maybe, not in this article but... you see ^^ )

  27. Emma:
    thank you so much for your support, sweets!x

    Julie Iliana:
    haha, so sweet of you ♥ and thank you so much! yep, i certainly hope so too, fingers crossed!

    yeah, i'm half finnish half kurdish. and yes i do live in finland. english is not my mothertongue or anything, for some reason it just comes naturally from me (i've always been a good language learner, like in french for example, i had never studied it before but my french teacher said i sound like a real French person). :) besides nowadays it's so much easier to learn pronouncing english since you hear it on tv, radio and, well basically everywhere! :) so that's my explanation!

    I am Folklore:
    thanks hun! i'd so be up for it but i can't seem to find your profile or your blog!:/ "profile not available" it says :(
    thanks again!xx

    thank you lauren, darling!x

    Fashion Cappuccino:
    thank you so so much! <3 wow, looks like you're gonna be workin preeetty hard this summer! :D good luck with the studying, and remember not to burden yourself too much!

    thank you sooo much! and i'll def have to check out that giveaway, sounds promising!;)

    edgy feather:
    thanks a bunch, lovelies!! i checked out your blog, and i have to say i love it! followed you back!xx

    thank you so much!:)

  28. the drawing is amazing!

    hope you'll enter my giveaway!

  29. Mary Lee:
    thanks mary, sweets! sure i'll enter, i love giveaways! thanks for letting me know bout it!