1. I hate winter from the bottom of my heart. But after living this north for 16 years already, is it any wonder?

2. I find different cultures very fascinating. They also give me tons of inspiration when I’m painting. In my opinion Indian culture is among the most interesting ones.

3. Favorite movies: Inception, (500) Days of Summer (and this of course has absolutely nothing to do with Joseph Gordon - Levitt), Titanic (don't laugh, it's srsly a great movie!), West Side Story, Moulin Rouge.

4. Drawing and painting is my passion, so every time I feel uneasy I grab my brush and watercolors and disclose my feelings on paper, it's rather therapeutic!

5. Recently I’ve got interested in photography a lot. I’m definitely gonna buy a system camera as soon as I can afford one.

6. I love glee and all sorts of musicals! Only High School Musical I can't stand, no offense all HSM-fans out there...

7. I have three goals that I want to achieve within my lifetime: a) write and illustrate a children’s book, b) have my own photo studio and c) go interrailing.

8. I love singing and I'm pretty good at it even if I say so myself! During high school after meeting Vilma whom with I share the same interest of music and singing, I’ve been performing a lot with her. A couple of years ago I'd never have thought that I'd be able to do that, having this terrible stage fright!

9. I wish I knew how to play the guitar...so bad...because then I'd be even cooler than I already am.
10. My brother is my bff. He's awesome!

11. I wrote a blog together with my friend Pilvi back in junior high...probably the most embarrassing thing I've ever done...you'll get it when you see it -->link<--

12. I have a 5-year-old tiny Bishon Bolognese. Everyone in my family, except me, have asthma so we weren’t originally planning to get one. I’m hoping to get a second dog someday...

13. My friend passed away last year in a traffic accident. She was riding her scooter when a bus drew over her. After this I’ve been avoiding riding scooters and motorbikes and it's one of the many reasons I don't own one myself.

14. I was actually born in Sweden in Stockholm. When I was eleven my family and I moved to Finland. In the beginning we just wanted to give it a go but then we ended up staying here. Sometimes I find myself thinking what life would be like if we had never moved here.

15. I’ve never really liked soda or any other sweet drinks for that matter. Nobody even bothers to ask me what I want to drink anymore, they systematically pour water in my glass.

16. When it comes to school I’m quite good at languages but I suck at any subjects wherein you have to read and memorize stuff, like history. Lazy? You got it!

17. I’ve studied French for two years now.

18. I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook.

19. I’m kinda lazy...that’s why I’m hella lucky to have good genes (thanks mom and dad!). No matter what I eat or do (or don’t do) I gain no weight, it's as simple as that. I did dance a lot when I was younger though, hip hop and jazz.

20. Lastly, I love summer and traveling, but who wouldn’t?


  1. Lovely blog!
    thanks for comment!

  2. thank you :)
    your blog is great! you take lovely photos and your drawing videos are AMAZING!

  3. love this! cute blog :)


  4. thanks, i very much like your blog too ! (:

  5. It's odd reading these and realizing we have so much in common.

    I really enjoy your blog, definitely going to add you to my following list :).