Top - Zara   |   Skirt - LWS*   |   Sunnies - zeroUV*   |   Sandals -  Forever 21

This was our last photoshoot at the studio together with Mikko before him leaving to London. Boy, do I miss that guy!



These photos were taken at my cousin's farewell/post-doctoral party last month, before him moving to Mexico with his girlfriend. I've always enjoyed get-togethers with family, being surrounded by goodhearted people. And it got me thinking about our need for human touch. The fact that we are so connected and in a way dependent on each other. It's what we need the most when we are babies and that's why a lack of it can have such a huge impact on how a person ends up becoming. Our brains are so plastic in early life that if you don't experience being loved and feel depressed due to that, those neural connections are being reinforced. It's like building your brain architecture to be prone to depression.

I've had a quite happy childhood from what I remember and I'm very lucky to have had two loving parents and a wonderful brother. But during early elementary school I had a not so pleasant experience with some of my class mates, which later on made it hard for me to trust people. I often felt like people were conspiring against me, leaving me out of stuff and above all I felt really lonely. For long did I think that I was in some way weird, different from everyone else, not the way you were "supposed to be". I blamed it on myself and felt unworthy. I grew a desperate need to please other people. When I think about it afterwards I'm pretty sure most of it was solely in my mind, though. As time passed I learned to let go of those thoughts and started finding myself (so to speak). In doing the things that I loved (which was mainly drawing and painting back in those days) instead of focusing completely on the people around me I established a comfort zone where I was truly happy. And I suddenly realized that instead of worrying about people that I barely knew, I should be investing fully in the people that were there for me. It took me some time to actually put it into practice but I got there eventually. But I believe I had my "final realization" after meeting my boyfriend and having dated him for two years roughly. That's when everything just became very clear. The trust, sense of security and being able to truly show myself to someone I hadn't even known for that long was so overwhelming. It made me understand the importance of being honest, not only to other people but to oneself.

Nowadays I view getting to know new people as something exciting, not as this huge monster causing disappointment and displeasure, like before. I do still have my limits, though. Too many new faces in a short period of time may be very exhausting as well. Dunbar's number...that's one of the reasons why I wouldn't enjoy living in a big city. Too many people in one place. And the growth of community sizes has happened so rapidly that our poor brains haven't had time to adjust to it. Such huge masses of people would surely make us disconnected from each other, with the lack of trust and whatnot. I really don't know what my point is in sharing this. It's not like I have any answers or solutions to these big important questions. And I don't know the meaning of life, but what makes most sense to me is that we should try our best to do what we love and fulfill our potential (also when it comes to relationships), because that's what happiness is all about, the feeling of fulfillment. And spread that shit everywhere.




Top - Vessos *   |   Skirt - Forever21   |   Sunnies - zeroUV *   |   Earrings - Trifted   |   Shoes - Sokos

Probably my last summery outfit this year thanks to the Finnish climate. I actually never really liked the color green but I think this works. Thanks to lovely Vessos and zeroUV for these green items!





Photography: Sara Lehtomaa
Model: Mirka Könnö / Modelpoint
Assistant: Tiina Lehtomaa

This gold themed photoshoot actually happened as far ago as four months. I had ordered some cool shit from eBay including this gold body chain and two bottles of gold body paint (spontaneous shopping is one of my worst vices). The rest of the props are from a local flea market (which I'm in the habit of visiting monthly since I always make finds like this there). So I had all of this cool stuff and this is what we ended up with when the time came to shoot. I have been dying to publish these for all these months but unfortunately that was off limits. Elegant Magazine had agreed to publish this series in one of their issues which is pretty goddamn awesome. But the date of publishing was set to August and so I had to hold my horses. But now the issue is (obviously) out and I can share these all I want. In case you guys feel like purchasing the issue you can do that here (digital) and here (print). And let me know what you think about these, I'd seriously love to hear!



Photography: Sara Lehtomaa
Model: Alice / FashionTeam
Muah: Timo Vuorimies



Dress - Vessos *   |   Top - Zara   |   Bracelet - Indiska   |   Rings - Ur&Penn   |   Shoes - Forever21



Photography: Sara Lehtomaa
Model: Emilia / FashionTeam
Muah: Timo Vuorimies
Wardrobe: Muotikuu



Top - OASAP *   |   Trousers - H&M   |   Shoes - LWS *   |   Hat - Trifted   |   Ring - Indiska

Hi there readers! I haven't been writing too much lately. I'd say most of it is due to stress. I've been under a lot of it in the last few months. Unfortunately and fortunately! So many wonderful opportunities came up during this summer so suddenly that I've been occupied with dealing with them most of the time. That is, when I haven't been at work cleaning hotel rooms. And it seems that these great things still keep popping up, like a never ending flow of goodness. To mention some of those things, I'm involved in a book project called SHARE, which will be published by TNHP in October. I've also been shooting a lot of new material. For one thing, I was lucky enough to be presented the opportunity to shoot some promos and an album cover for an upcoming artist at Universal, a very talented one I might add. I'm so hyped about it because I genuinely like her music! I'm actually not really sure how much I'm allowed to speak about this so I better hush for now though...

So, a lot of goodness. But with that also comes the pressure of succeeding. Something that my moronic brain realizes is pointless but nevertheless keeps doing. I mean, what's the worst thing that could happen? I'd fail to take some good shots. Big deal, I'd probably learn from my mistakes and move on. But no, it will all sit in the back of my mind as a massive tension maaany weeks before the actual event. I actually think that might have been part of the reason why I had a burnout last Saturday. The kind of burnout when you faint. So I hadn't been spending a night out in a very long time and last Saturday decided to do something about it. It was fun. Until I felt like throwing up (not because I was too drunk, I swear) and on my way to the ladies room lost consciousness and fell to the ground like a rock. I remember a lot of people, both familiar and strange buzzing around me, being kind and helpful. It all turned out well in the end, thanks to me being surrounded by a bunch of wonderful folks. And quite frankly I think it was a good thing. Because it kinda opened my eyes and made me realize I hadn't been taking care of myself amidst of all of those crazy things happening to me. I had placed my own well being at the very bottom. The stress was only a fraction of the cause, though. I also hadn't been eating well in a long period of time, mostly because of my job. And then there was the fact that it was a hot night and I wasn't exactly sipping water.

Pretty hectic a summer I've had. Hoping it will all settle down a bit once school starts. At least I wont be as physically exhausted as I have been this far thanks to work. And I'm sure after three years of absence from the school bench it might even be slightly exciting. But most of all I'm looking forward to moving out from my parents house and settling down with my boyfriend, which hopefully will happen soon. Can't deny the fact that I'm also pretty stoked about getting to decorate our apartment as I wish, hehee (Ikea here I come)! Lastly I shall share with you an amazing track by The Knocks. Enjoy!




Photography: Sara Lehtomaa
Model: Verna Nurmiranta / Modelboom
Make Up: Susanna Markkula