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Hi there! I've been busybusy with reading to exams and working on my photography pre-assignments. Luckily I'm done with the latter and will be able to concentrate on personal projects as well. Will probably be posting some of them on here when I after passing the deadline. In other news it seems suddenly the Finnish weather has turned very summerish and I've been laying in the sun with my books studying and enjoying (for Wednesday the temperatures will drop and stay there for a while). Really hope that wont be the case in Stockholm since we're going to head there on Friday for a weekend visit with my family. I'm excited since it's been a while I've been there and I'm looking forward to seeing my family living there and also (of course) to documenting it all with my camera. So overall I'm feeling pretty pumped-up.

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The sun has made a comeback and I'm thrilled. Also, here's a song I've been listening to a lot lately:




I've already shared this on facebook, but what the hell, there's nothing stopping me from doing it here as well! So as some of you may already know I was featured on Visual Artistry Magazine's latest issue (wohoo). Thank you Mirka for modeling and creating these photos with me and thanks to VA Magazine for featuring them in this issue (one of my photos even made it to the cover)! It feels incredibly good to know that people like my photos, it means I'm doing something right I guess. It also motivates me to go forward and evolve even further. It's a never ending journey and with every experience I'm becoming better at what I do. It's a basic rule in life and everyone ought to remember that! Also thank YOU guys! It's amazing that I've managed to please over 800 people with my work. I really appreciate all the kind comments I've received and the fact that you think my work is worth following! If you feel like purchasing the whole issue you may do that here (link).



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Yesterday me and mom took out my new camera for a test run. And I can't even tell you how thrilled I am. I'm very eager to do some proper photo shoots next week as I'll be taking the photos I'm applying with to school. I won't be speaking any more of my camera in this post though, since I'll probably be making another post completely dedicated to that subject. Instead I have some other good news concerning you as well (that is if you live in Finland in the sweet city called Turku and you love thrifting)! I'll be selling my clothes at Kirppis-Center Manhattan starting 14.4 for a whole week. I have a bunch of stuff I need to get rid of. So pay a visit. You'll find my stuff at 271!

Oltiin eilen äitin kanssa käyttämässä mun uutta kameraa testikierroksella hyvin tuloksin. Puhkun intoa enkä malta millään odottaa ensi viikkoa jolloin pääsen kunnon kuvaussessioiden pariin. Kuvataan nimittäin Taideakatemian etukäteistehtäviä varten kuvia. Teen mitä luultavimmin postauksen yksinomaan mun uuteen kalustoon liittyen myöhemmin joten jätän aiheesta hehkuttamisen sikseen. Sen sijaan mulla on myös teitä koskevia hyviä uutisia kerrottavana (siis mikäli asut Turun seudulla ja tykkäät kirppareista)! Myyn vanhoja vaatteitani Kirppis-Center Manhattanilla 14.4 alkaen kokonaisen viikon ajan. Mulla on rutkasti myytävää josta toivon pääseväni eroon. Käykää siis kurkkaamassa. Mun tavarat löydätte myyntipaikalta 271!



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I've started to like stripes again lately, after a long period of disliking anything and everything with stripes. Speaking of stripes I just found this really cool deal on Oasap involving this beautiful black & white fluid striped shirt. They're giving out 400 pieces for $9.99 (original prize $36.99) and I just checked and they've got 355 left in stock! It only lasts for 24 hours so get your asses over there quickly! By clicking this link you will be directed to the product page.



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Model: Jade Than
Styling & Photography: Sara Lehtomaa

Wohoo, finally done with these! I discovered Jade through a mutual friend on Facebook and instantly fell in love with the way she looked. She'd make a great model, I thought. And so I asked her to join me for a photo shoot. And this is what we ended up with. I'm extremely happy with these and it was a pleasure working with Jade. I like working with "ordinary" people with little or no experience of modeling. Partly because of the looks on their faces when they see themselves on a photo as if they couldn't believe it's them. Priceless. I've noticed that often times professional models who are used to the whole process react very differently opposed to people who spend very little time in front of a camera. Often they lack the excitement, it's just another photo to them. And as a photographer treating my photos as my babies I like the shared feeling of being proud about what you've together delivered and getting super excited about it. It's one of the best feelings I know. Of course everything has it's pros and cons. Professional models (presumably at least) know the drill and therefore make a photographers job somewhat easier. But in the end you shouldn't really make any generalizations because there are nearly always exceptions to the rule! And in this case it's a question of personality as well. I just wanted to point out how much I like working with people who don't do modeling for living :) Thank you Jade so much for modeling for me!




Model(s): Laura Koskinen & Pilvi Lehtinen
Photography & Styling: Sara Lehtomaa



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Te ihmiset jotka seuraatte mua mun valokuvien takia, antakaa anteeksi pärstäni runsas esiintyminen viimeisimmissä postauksissa. Hieman itseänikin harmittaa kun ei ole testejä päässyt hirveästi kuvailemaan tässä kevään aikana kun fokuksena on ollut lähinnä (kesä)duunin metsästys ja opiskelu. Mutta enköhän pääse pian taas vauhtiin, viimesitään sitten kun joudun vääntämään valokuvauksen etukäteistehtäviä. Älkää siis luovuttako mun suhteen! Nää on tällasia osittain pakollisia asupostauksia koska mulla on noita yhteistyökumppanuuksia syntynyt aika monta kevään aikana (CHOIES yksi näistä). On toki omakuviakin ihan mukava välillä ottaa. Pääsee samalla kokeilemaan uusia valaistustekniikoita rauhassa ilman että on jokin kärsimätön malli (joka yleensä on joko mutsi tai veli) määräämässä tekemisen kulun ja keston. Ja olenhan mä aina ollut pieni muoti entusiasti, sitä on turha kiistää. Eli toivottavasti teitä kiinnostaa yhtään tällaset asupostaukset! Ei mulla muuta.



Hi guys! I'm posting an old photo that Jelena took of me some time ago (see unedited version in her blog here) because I don't have anything else to share at the moment. Sure, I have tons of unedited projects that are still in the working progress. And also a bunch of stuff that's only in my head waiting to be executed. There's this one pretty big project that I'm hoping to be able to finish during spring. Involving seven models (who I'm going to shoot separately) it is surely going to take some time. I'm dying to proceed in that project, however lately I've been mostly occupied with studying english and editing photos from last friday (I was shooting an anniversary party) and hence haven't been able to do so. Doing my very best to get everything else out of the way so that I can move on to what I actually enjoy.

By the way, I just have to tell you about this amazing discovery that I made through a friend about a month ago. Namely this wonderful photo editing app called SnapSeed. It's just beyond what I could wish for such an app. And actually this photo is edited with it. It has tons of different cool filters which you can modify as you wish (my favorites are the ones in the category called "Retroflux"). And on top of all it's super easy to use. And free. Please do yourselves a favor and go check it out, here's a download link. Will be back with something not as outdated next time!




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- This is a sponsored post -

Polaroids are so much fun! Now I can say that as I've lost my polaroid virginity thanks to this wonderful web-shop called CoolStuff. They sent me the awesome Polaroid 300 to test it out and I couldn't be happier since I've always wanted to try instant photography. Instant photography is a lot of things. Exciting as you're waiting for the photo to develop. Easy since there are only a few adjustments you need to make. Very light weight, which is an awesome feature you'll learn to appreciate after shooting many years with a digital SLR. And in the beginning somewhat nervewracking because you wont have a clue what the final photo will look like. But I'm growing more and more fond of this tiny box of magic for every time I take it out for a trip. Cropping is a little bit tricky at first but as you get to know your camera it gets easier. This one fits a film of 10 prints so you need to really consider what you shoot before pressing the trigger. I think it's a good exercise for every photographer. Learning to take a photo with consideration is very helpful. Firing shots high speed has always been a bad habit of mine. It's a pain in the ass to scan through the often thousands (I'm not kidding) of photos and in the end it's seriously just a huge waste of time. So any of you who photograph, I recommend doing this sort of exercise (with any camera) and striving to change your style of shooting (of course when you shoot with a digital camera and there are less limits it's very tempting to "play it safe" and I guess that's ok but it's good to improve yourself and learn what's worth a photograph). It's very rewarding. Also just looking around your surroundings and focusing completely on the search for a photogenic subject is to me a very calming experience, almost therapeutic. So thumbs up for polaroid cameras!