A sweet warm caress,
The evening sun on my skin,
Now frozen on film.

What can I say. I was born a poet. After having analysed a bunch of different types of poems during my literature course, I've come to the conclusion that I like haikus the most. They're cute. Other than that I don't really like poems, they tend to be annoyingly mysterious and indirect. Either that, or they're plain boring (pretty much all love poems). I think it's just really inconvenient. But I guess that's part of the appeal to some people. Slowly figuring out the meaning and then eventually having an aha moment. I'm too impatient for that. I'd much rather listen to a song or see a movie. But in all seriousness, deep inside I do wish I was a brilliant wordsmith. What would be more awesome? Nothing really.



Photography: Sara Lehtomaa
Models: Aura, Venla, Nea / FashionTeam
Muah: Timo Vuorimies

Hi there! It's been a while since I wrote something. Something other than academic texts, that is. I'm a really slow writer and I've been stuck with writing take-home exams about literature and linguistics for basically the whole weekend. But it's ok. I probably wouldn't have had the energy to do anything else anyway, since I've been sick. With a soar throat and an unbearable cough. But now I'm getting better, and feel almost completely normal again. I do hate the post-sickness condition though, because you don't know whether you're healthy enough to start living normally again, and after many days of being still, moving your body feels really awkward and clumsy. But then again I'm awkward and clumsy pretty much all the time. Especially now that I haven't bothered to exercise for roughly half a year. It's really starting to reach that point where enough is enough. Feeling like shit all the time is simply not worth it (except of course in the beginning when you just don't give a fuck and go all yolo). So I should probably do something about it. Eventually. I wish all of those inspirational quotes and pictures and whatnot would inspire me too (for some reason I just start to laugh frantically when I see one)...



Some oldish outfit photos taken last spring that I for some strange reason forgot to post. Sorry for keeping quiet and only posting photos lately, I've been busy (still am) : (



Photo: Sara Lehtomaa




Photography: Sara Lehtomaa



Sunnies - zeroUV *   |   Kimono - H&M   |   Dress - H&M   |   Hat - Trifted   |   Sandals - Forever21

I remember drooling after this awesome kimono for many months, but not bothering to purchase it due to its high price. I did however end up doing just that once the summer sales were on. The price had dropped from 90 to only 20 euros. There's no way I could've restrained myself at that point. It's not too practical to wear, though (and I have to admit that I haven't been using it a lot). It's so beautiful that I almost consider it a piece of art more than something to wear, haha. I will most definitely also be using it in one of my future photo shoots. On another note, I haven't been shooting for ages! And it's starting to make me feel just a little bit empty inside. I've been investing so fully in school that I just haven't got around doing it. But there are a couple of shoots coming up soon, one in a few weeks when I'm heading to Helsinki, and another later in November. And thanks to my long break I feel more excited than I've felt in a very long time. So I guess it's not that bad a thing after all, it just gets me even more motivated. I also can't wait for the promos/album covers that we shot together with amazing artist Vilma Alina to be published. Not only because of the photos but also because of her music, which I really liked. Luckily her single should be out very soon. This is more for you Finnish speaking peeps, but here's a Basso Radio interview with Vilma, check it out!



This is one of the places I used to love spending time at in the summer, when I was younger. My cousins' summer cottage in Kemiö. These photos are actually quite old, I believe I took them with my very first camera. Despite of the quality not being top notch I like them a lot, because of the atmosphere. Warm, inviting and just a little bit mysterious. Like a secret hideaway. Except not that secret at all. But I did in a way consider it as a place to escape to. Going there was something I always really looked forward to. As you may have noticed (if you've read this blog for a longer while), it's always a little bit hard for me to accept the ending of summer and the beginning of the cold season. So I like to look at old summery photos. And cry.



Paracord bracelet - Naimakka *   |   Shoes - Dr. Martens

Hey folks! It's been a while and I do apologize. I've been completely absorbed by first of all school, which in its entirety has been a very pleasant experience so far. Secondly, my mind has lately often been occupied with thoughts of the rental apartment we are moving into in about a month. There's an infinite list of things to buy and it's kind of scary considering my financial situation. But luckily I'm not left alone with this stuff. Aaand smoothly changing the subject to the photos above. Details of an outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago. I especially wanted to show you guys this sweet paracord bracelet I was gifted by this Swedish company called Naimakka. I really love the simplicity of their design and the fact that it's actually a very handy thing to have. This is how the bracelet is described by the creators of Naimakka:

"Dropped behind enemy lines, paratroopers found Paracord to be a life-saving, multi-purpose tool. When unbraided, you can use your bracelet to build shelter, secure gear to your backpack or hang up food out of reach from animals. You can also use it to make a clothes or fishing line, snares, traps, snow shoes, a bowdrill for making fire, or a splint for a broken ankle. If you unravel the yarns, you can even use it as sewing thread, dental floss or to make a fishing net. In fact, Paracord is so reliable and durable that astronauts have used it to make repairs to the Hubble Space Telescope."

For more info visit Naimakka's homepage (link) and do watch the video below!



Top - Zara   |   Skirt - LWS*   |   Sunnies - zeroUV*   |   Sandals -  Forever 21

This was our last photoshoot at the studio together with Mikko before him leaving to London. Boy, do I miss that guy!



These photos were taken at my cousin's farewell/post-doctoral party last month, before him moving to Mexico with his girlfriend. I've always enjoyed get-togethers with family, being surrounded by goodhearted people. And it got me thinking about our need for human touch. The fact that we are so connected and in a way dependent on each other. It's what we need the most when we are babies and that's why a lack of it can have such a huge impact on how a person ends up becoming. Our brains are so plastic in early life that if you don't experience being loved and feel depressed due to that, those neural connections are being reinforced. It's like building your brain architecture to be prone to depression.

I've had quite a happy childhood from what I remember and I'm very lucky to have had two loving parents and a wonderful brother. But during early elementary school I had a not so pleasant experience with some of my class mates, which later on made it hard for me to trust people. I often felt like people were conspiring against me, leaving me out of stuff and above all I felt really lonely. For long did I think that I was in some way weird, different from everyone else, not the way you were "supposed to be". I blamed it on myself and felt unworthy. I grew a desperate need to please other people. When I think about it afterwards I'm pretty sure most of it was solely in my mind, though. As time passed I learned to let go of those thoughts and started finding myself (so to speak). In doing the things that I loved (which was mainly drawing and painting back in those days) instead of focusing completely on the people around me I established a comfort zone where I was truly happy. And I suddenly realized that instead of worrying about people that I barely knew, I should be investing fully in the people that were there for me. It took me some time to actually put it into practice but I got there eventually. But I believe I had my "final realization" after meeting my boyfriend and having dated him for two years roughly. That's when everything just became very clear. The trust, sense of security and being able to truly show myself to someone I hadn't even known for that long was so overwhelming. It made me understand the importance of being honest, not only to other people but to oneself.

Nowadays I view getting to know new people as something exciting, not as this huge monster causing disappointment and displeasure, like before. I do still have my limits, though. Too many new faces in a short period of time may be very exhausting as well. Dunbar's number...that's one of the reasons why I wouldn't enjoy living in a big city. Too many people in one place. And the growth of community sizes has happened so rapidly that our poor brains haven't had time to adjust to it. Such huge masses of people would surely make us disconnected from each other, with the lack of trust and whatnot. I really don't know what my point is in sharing this. It's not like I have any answers or solutions to these big important questions. And I don't know the meaning of life, but what makes most sense to me is that we should try our best to do what we love and fulfill our potential (also when it comes to relationships), because that's what happiness is all about, the feeling of fulfillment. And spread that shit everywhere.




Top - Vessos *   |   Skirt - Forever21   |   Sunnies - zeroUV *   |   Earrings - Trifted   |   Shoes - Sokos

Probably my last summery outfit this year thanks to the Finnish climate. I actually never really liked the color green but I think this works. Thanks to lovely Vessos and zeroUV for these green items!





Photography: Sara Lehtomaa
Model: Mirka Könnö / Modelpoint
Assistant: Tiina Lehtomaa

This gold themed photoshoot actually happened as far ago as four months. I had ordered some cool shit from eBay including this gold body chain and two bottles of gold body paint (spontaneous shopping is one of my worst vices). The rest of the props are from a local flea market (which I'm in the habit of visiting monthly since I always make finds like this there). So I had all of this cool stuff and this is what we ended up with when the time came to shoot. I have been dying to publish these for all these months but unfortunately that was off limits. Elegant Magazine had agreed to publish this series in one of their issues which is pretty goddamn awesome. But the date of publishing was set to August and so I had to hold my horses. But now the issue is (obviously) out and I can share these all I want. In case you guys feel like purchasing the issue you can do that here (digital) and here (print). And let me know what you think about these, I'd seriously love to hear!



Photography: Sara Lehtomaa
Model: Alice / FashionTeam
Muah: Timo Vuorimies